Friday, October 7, 2011

More about the sew along, and some lingerie fabric choices.

Hello everyone,
I'm a bit behind on the sew along (seems to happen to everyone, I've noticed). I sometimes moonlight as the world's greatest substitute teacher and I've had a full week of 6th graders on my hands. But enough about my distractions. I was just given a blog award by the lovely and rather talented Nabby of This Old Life: Confessions of a Creative Dresser. It's a fantastic vintage blog and if you like mine, you'll love hers. Thanks so much, Nabby, you're a gem!
As per the rules of the award, I have to list 7 random facts about myself. Here they are:

1. I really enjoy gangster rap. I don't know why, I'm just a pasty white girl, but the beat just gives me goosebumps in such a good way.

2. Listening to people speak Norwegian makes my head hurt, sort of like fingernails on a chalkboard. It even makes my head hurt when I speak it.

3. I can use nun-chucks. Really, I can. I wouldn't want to meet me in a dark alley, either.

4. My guilty pleasure is mac and cheese, preferably the cheapest kind from a box.

5. I'm flying home for a visit to the US in a week and all I can think about is blueberry flavored frosted mini-wheats. And I've never been that big on cereal.

6. I saw one episode of "I was pregnant and didn't know it" and promptly got online and ordered a dozen pregnancy tests just to have on hand. Babies seriously cut into one's sewing time.

7. I can play the Ukulele.

So another stipulation of the award is that I pass it on to another deserving blog or two:
New Vintage Lady (a fantastic, witty and thoughtful vintage sewing and lifestyle blog.)
Kalandra Jane: Milinery and Musings (Simply fantastic millinery, fashion, and playfulness.)

On another note, my fabric got here the other day and I've been having fun fiddling with combinations and lace and whatnot. I also got some swatches of the perfect lingerie fabric. I ordered several different swatches of varying jersey, cotton, rayon and bamboo to try and decide on which ones to sew my basic lingereie bits with and here are the two I liked best:

This tencel jeresy knit has a slight sheen to it, a little stretch, and feels slinky and smooth.

This 100% rayon jersey knit is the closest thing to silk jersey you can get, without paying $45 per yard. I LOVE it, and it's on sale too!

You might say that I plug a lot, and I do. I'm not paid to advertise for them (though I wouldn't mind getting paid :)  ) but to be frank, their web site is easy, their shipping is fast, and I've never gotten better service anywhere.

I also mentioned that I would get back to you all when I reduced the price of the Pauline patterns we'll be using for the sew along. Instead, I have a coupon code for you all to use. Type in FLANNELUNDIES  for 15% off your order from my shop. This will give me an idea of how many of you are participating in the sew along. I have the next week off from being a sub so I'll have the sew along up and running by Monday most likely. If you've already bought your fabric, don't forget to pre-treat it! I'll be washing my flannel today for a start.

 For a bit of lingerie sewing inspiration, check out this great article from
Looking Back at the Bra
More to come soon!


  1. So excited, but I'll be the one late for class every week miss and I'll give you my excuse note now, it is because I have a two year old who cuts into my sewing time horrendously!

    How long is the coupon valid? Only I've got major car expenses this month (insurance, MOT, repairs) so I'm on enforced no-spending until Tuesday pay-day (thus is the life of the theatre seamstress).

    Looking forward to making these, still struggling to find some suitable flannel fabric online so shall venture out again on Tuesday, hopefully the local shops might have autumn fabrics in stock now.

  2. Molly, the coupon will go on for quite a while, no worries. If you can't find flannel, you might try some ultra soft cottons, perhaps in the baby fabrics section. Or you could try anything soft without too much stretch. The point of flannel is to make the project less intimidating by using a forgiving fabric. I'm so glad you're joining us!

  3. I'm very excited about this! I just finished a bunch of men's boxers, and I'm more than ready to make frilly pretties for myself.

    I live in a very warm climate (about as opposite as you can get from Norway!) and probably could only wear flannel one day out of the year, so I will be using alternate fabrics. I think maybe I will start with soft cotton lawn for my first lingerie attempt and then try a batiste, if all goes well.

    Looking forward to it!

  4. Thanks Anna! Pattern now purchased, I am quite keen to give flannel/brushed cotton a go, you've sold me on the idea, especially with winter well and truly on the way. My friend just gave me some flannel pillowcases to my toddler some PJs, they very nearly ended up as my project fabric but I am resisting!

    Fabric shopping tomorrow :)

  5. Thanks for the nomination! I'll do mine as part of my next post.

    I'm enjoying reading about your bra making progress! x