A Few Threads Loose started quite by accident. I was raised in an antique shop and vintage has always been a big part of my life. When other kids were at school or playing with their friends, I was home-schooled and my free time was spent elbow deep in history with my mom, learning the difference between Victorian and Edwardian, diamonds and fakes and meeting the most amazing and eccentric people you could imagine.

I had big plans for after college, and like many, learned the hard way that a degree doesn't mean instant job and success. Through a series of interesting events, I ended up following the love of my life to his assignment in Norway, and later losing my job there when my employer went out of business.

With too much time on my hands, writing a blog and starting a vintage business was the natural result of my NEEDING to be busy, and NEEDING to sew. I went back to my roots, doing what my Mama taught me, and turned my passion into a business.

It has turned into the greatest, surprising delights, and I'm one of the lucky few who can say that they have a great time at work every day. I love what I do and I love to write about it.

I now spend most of my days hunting for old patterns, and creating the below:

Vintage lingerie patterns are not easy to find, often expensive when you do, and confusing as hell to sew. I have made digital reproductions of certain patterns, and completely redesigned several with new instructions, larger sizes, and all the online technical sewing support a girl could want.

But that's just the shop.  I love offering giveaways, hosting sew-alongs, creating tutorials, and sharing my hunt for the perfect pattern with my readers.

Your comments always make my day, and I love hearing from you what you want to see next.