Sunday, February 17, 2019

The Use and Abuse of The corset - A 1909 Delineator Article By Charlotte C. West, M.D.

Today my darlings, I have found for you a fascinating article about the proper and improper use of corsets. This article comes from my collection of Antique Delineator Magazines.

The September 1909 issue of the Delineator Magazine.

It was originally published in the September 1909 issue of the Delineator Magazine (as produced by Butterick) and I have transcribed the original for you to save your eyes from evil small-print. It gives an interesting medical perspective in favor of the corset from the viewpoint of a female M.D.!
(According to one source, women at this time made up about 5% of the medical workforce in the United States.)

The Use and Abuse of the corset -
The September 1909 issue of the Delineator Magazine

It May Give Strength and Support if Rightly Worn

"THROW that into the furnace when you get home," was the invariable comment of a noted medical man, as with a disdainful gesture he indicated the corset of each clinical patient who was presented to him for examination, at the same time casting a sidelong glance of disapproval at his woman assistant, who was obviously always well corseted.
The woman physician worked along silently in this clinic until an opportunity enabled her to show one of the patients that her condition-gastroptosis and en­teroptosis (prolapse or falling of the stomach and intestines)-was caused by the improper use of corsets.
"Yes," quickly remarked the professor, "throw them into the furnace when you get home, and don't wear them home!''
"But I can't 'do' without my corsets'." wailed the patient, whereupon the well-­corseted woman physician said:
"The improper use, not the use of it. You are abusing the most sensible and most hygienic garment women wear, because you don't know how to wear it.