Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Modes et Travaux... What was in style for November 1937?

Happy holiday week, my dear readers! I have a whole week off from classes thanks to Thanksgiving break (for which I am eternally grateful) and I'm using that time to catch up on Mrs. Depew Vintage projects and  a few blog posts!

Modes et Travaux no. 430 from November, 1937.

Today for you I have something that just made me swoon. A glimpse of Modes et Travaux from November of 1937. (Pronounced "mode eh travoh" for my English speaking friends).

So what was so in demand for exactly 76 years ago? Yards and yards of lace!

"Lace for small or big evenings!"
Can you believe that there were sewing patterns on offer at the time? One could simply pop down to the corner newsstand, pick up a gorgeous fashion magazine, and then for a mere 13 frances, one could order the perfect evening gown pattern to make in time for a Chirstmas gala. If that wasn't easy enough, you could even order the lace or fabric featured from the same magazine!

Wouldn't it be great if Vogue offered a similar service?!

These gorgeous dresses made my brain go all sorts of happy places which led me to a point where Madeleine Vionnet tickled my memory. After a bit of searching, I remembered where I had seen it:

Madeleine Vionnet gown - Image courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I often browse the Metropolitan Museum of Art's website for goodies like this.

Madeleine Vionnet gown - Image courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This gown is from 1939 but it first perfectly with the fashion spread above, don't you think?
Anyways, I'm off to put a few pies in the oven in anticipation of having my oven occupied tomorrow.

Have a happy week!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Paper Patterns Sitting on my Shelf of Awesome.

Boy have I been busy, my dear readers! Between two college classes (why, oh why did I think two at once would be a good idea?) running Mrs. Depew Vintage, and le pup needing full time watching, I've been seriously overwhelmed! I dropped everything yesterday to go get a massage and today, I'm sore but also a bit recharged again. When I haven't been chasing after Butters (le pup has been renamed... it's a long story), doing homework, or taking care of the house (so much pet fur to stay on top of...) I have been busy folding patterns!

I thought that I was going to hate it but there's something so satisfying about breaking a large piece of paper down into exact fractions so that they fit perfectly in their little envelopes... over and over again... I'm such a sucker for repetitive work.

I have started with my most popular patterns, most often requested by those with no printer at home, and so without further ado, here they are!

Depew #1003 available at Mrs. Depew Vintage.
Depew #2013 available at Mrs. Depew Vintage.
Depew 2012 available at Mrs. Depew Vintage.

Currently they sit in a place of honor right under "Boobs" McGee, my 1950's bullet bra model.

My "Shelf of Awesome".

Next up in paper patterns will be the 1950's Style Bathing Suit pattern (Depew #1001) and the ever popular 1950's Style Beach Bustier (Depew #1018)... if I can ever find the time to finish them!

I was so excited about how reasonable printing costs were in comparison to what I paid in Norway! It means that I can offer reprints of my other paper patterns for lower prices. Huzzah!

This has been a big project and I'm so relieved to have it finished for the time being. But enough about me!
How about you? Have you been working on any of your own big projects lately?
And when you're finished, how do you usually reward yourself? With a massage? New clothes? Shoes? More fabric?

Happy sewing,

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Adventures in Sewing... Part 6

Hello lovely readers! I hope you're all having a greet weekend so far. I've been spending a lot of time attacking those last few moving boxes that just seem to linger for months without magically emptying themselves as one hopes.

And in one of those recalcitrant receptacles I found another McCall Style News booklet from May of 1948. The booklet is full of lovely illustrations of 1940's fashion and much to my delight, also has an installment of Adventures in Sewing!

This one very helpfully goes into detail about basting necklines and waistlines to keep the fabric from becoming misshapen while handling.

Now if you're as horribly blind as I am (in fact, I'm just a hair away from being legally blind without my contacts!) there is a close-up of this lesson at the very bottom.

But about that dress! The layers, the color, the silhouette! I want one! The pattern in the illustration is McCall 7258. I have to say, I much prefer it in red to the muted versions they ended up using on the pattern envelope:

Image courtesy of Pretty Pattern Shop on Etsy

But seriously, ooh la la! I'm going to have to keep an eye open for a copy closer to my size (I'm lazy and prefer not to grade patterns unless my life depends on it or someone offers me chocolate as incentive).

On another note, we have another new sponsor on A Few Threads Loose this week. In fact, it's one of my favorite pattern shops on Etsy so I know you'll like it too! If you're in a pattern hunting mood, I definitely recommend you check out She'll Make You Flip on Etsy.

Image courtesy of She'll Make You Flip on Etsy.

And until December 31st, A Few Threads Loose readers get an exclusive discount! Just use coupon code, "THREADS20" at checkout for a generous 20% discount.

I'm already seriously eying a handful, including this awesome beauty:

I have a thing for scallops. - McCall 8735 from She'll Make You Flip.

Sadly there will be no sewing for me this weekend... just grocery shopping and more homework. My assignment is drafting a front and back bodice with flanges. I have also assigned myself the task of finding some examples of flanges that aren't horribly hideous. I think I might fail that one :)

So without further ado, your sewing lesson courtesy of Marian Corey and McCall Style News!

A close-up for those as blind as myself.