Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Modes et Travaux... What was in style for November 1937?

Happy holiday week, my dear readers! I have a whole week off from classes thanks to Thanksgiving break (for which I am eternally grateful) and I'm using that time to catch up on Mrs. Depew Vintage projects and  a few blog posts!

Modes et Travaux no. 430 from November, 1937.

Today for you I have something that just made me swoon. A glimpse of Modes et Travaux from November of 1937. (Pronounced "mode eh travoh" for my English speaking friends).

So what was so in demand for exactly 76 years ago? Yards and yards of lace!

"Lace for small or big evenings!"
Can you believe that there were sewing patterns on offer at the time? One could simply pop down to the corner newsstand, pick up a gorgeous fashion magazine, and then for a mere 13 frances, one could order the perfect evening gown pattern to make in time for a Chirstmas gala. If that wasn't easy enough, you could even order the lace or fabric featured from the same magazine!

Wouldn't it be great if Vogue offered a similar service?!

These gorgeous dresses made my brain go all sorts of happy places which led me to a point where Madeleine Vionnet tickled my memory. After a bit of searching, I remembered where I had seen it:

Madeleine Vionnet gown - Image courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I often browse the Metropolitan Museum of Art's website for goodies like this.

Madeleine Vionnet gown - Image courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This gown is from 1939 but it first perfectly with the fashion spread above, don't you think?
Anyways, I'm off to put a few pies in the oven in anticipation of having my oven occupied tomorrow.

Have a happy week!


  1. These are all so beautiful. I wish we dressed like that now. My hubby was career Air Force in the. 60s, 70s, and 80s., the age of gloves and hats. Well, at least in the 60s. Love looking at the fashion on your blog.
    I burned two pumpkin pies today, hopefully no one will notice if I cover with scads of whipped cream. Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Betty Lou, Happy Thanksgiving and I hope that your pies are delicious!

  2. Oh that dress is just stunning! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Oh dear lord... I think I have to re-make the Madeleine Vionnet gown... just because! how glorious!!!

  4. I absolutely adore this year!! Those dresses are beautiful!

  5. So so pretty! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I collect magazines from the fifties and back then you could order "pattern on fabric". A fantastic idea I wish they would make again. The pattern was pre-drawn on the fabric, so you just had to cut it and sew it. I don't know if this is only a Danish thing, but wanted you to know. :)