Thursday, March 28, 2019

A 1920s Full-coverage Apron Using Depew #3091

For those of you that hadn't already noticed, I have a huge thing for the 1920s. 1920s aprons, in particular, are a passion of mine and I'm currently sewing my way through some of my apron pattern collection. This time I used Depew#3091 which is a repro of an original.

For the fabric, I picked up a pre-cut two-yard length of cotton by Waverly (a steal at Walmart of all places!) and it was the perfect amount for a propper full-coverage "canning apron" (as my mother called them).
I remember once asking her why she called them canning aprons when women certainly didn't use them only for canning. "Oh sweetie", she said, pulling a piping hot jar of garden tomatoes from a cauldron on her stove, "It's not just for canning, it's for protecting your cans!" and then she winked at me. My mama, I tell you what...

So without further ado, here is my canning apron!

The neckline uses an inverted binding technique.

And it has POCKETS!

 It really does provide a lot of coverage which is great for messy jobs. The buttons I used on the back are large vintage mother-of-pearls that came from my late mama's stash.

A tip if you make this one. Stitch your buttonholes in the back BEFORE you bind the edges. If you use a buttonhole foot like I do, the buttonholer will catch on the binding and you will get some really messed up buttonholes.

How about you? Have you ever sewn an apron before? Do you have a favorite apron that you just can't do without?