Saturday, October 1, 2011

And the 202 Giveaway winner is...

Well, it's that time. Time to pick the winner of the 202 Followers celebration giveaway. As usual, thanks so much to everyone who entered, and I loved all of your comments for what type of sew-along you all wanted to try. There was a resounding call for a lingerie sew-along and I'm getting ready to put that together soon.
But enough about that, the winner chosen by is commenter #16, Jadestar.

Congrats Jadestar, you've won two vintage sewing patterns and a $35 gift card to my etsy shop Mrs. Depew Vintage! Just email me at with your mailing address and I'll get your patterns and gift card to you!

As to the lingerie sew along so many of you asked for, we had a huge selection of patterns to chose from on the Compendium of Lingerie Patterns post. An overwhelming number of you were in favor of sewing the Pauline Bra and Tap Panties Set, and several of you also wanted the Pauline Slip/ Cami.

So we'll do all of them! This is a gorgeous set and I've been looking forward to making them up again for some time.
 As I mentioned in an earlier post, since winter is coming (especially here in Norway) and since lingerie is intimidating enough to most without adding slippery, difficult fabrics to the mix, I recommend making your first attempt at this pattern in a soft, supple cotton flannel. I know, flannel undies sound so granny nightgown:

but when you look at something like this:

Flannel can be sexy. I just bought a few yards of lovely two- sided plaid flannel from

I think it's going to look amazing with a little black lace or contrasting fabric thrown into the mix.

We'll start next week with the bra first, and then the tap panties. Then we'll take a break while I'm in the U.S. for two weeks (hopefully buying fabric) and we'll resume with the cami/ slip when I get back.

I'll get more into how much fabric you'll want to buy in my next post, but if you want to get it early, plan on about 1/2 yard of fabric for the bra, (plus your contrasting band fabric choice) and about 1 1/4 yd for the tap panties. My fabric should be here any day now so I'm going to see how the plaid looks with a lace overlay, and just by itself, and that will help me decide how many versions of this I'm making, and with or without lace.

Starting soon, I'll be putting the Pauline patterns at a reduced price for anyone who wants to try them for the sew along, so if you want to wait till the price goes down to get your pattern, I'll let you all know when I get it lowered.

I'll be back soon with more about the sew-along! Have a happy weekend!


  1. Oh my god! I won :) I've never won anything before. Cool.

  2. Congrats jadestar! Anna, I'm so looking forward to the lingerie sew along!!!

  3. Oh my word, you are on the ball getting this sew along going! I'll start out a little behind as usual, but I am so excited about it. After seeing your post, I went out and bought a working printer so I could order and print out your patterns for the sew along. Happiness!

  4. Yay! So pleased the Pauline's been chosen! After my failure to get teddy fabric last week (or was it the week before) this will cheer me up while I source an alternative source for the teddy.

    Now to try and find flannel in the UK, my usual store only has baby pink or blue, lemon or white winceyette :-/ The type that would be perfect for the granny gown. Other stores near me, zilch. I've just resorted to buying thrifted old flannel bedsheets to make PJs for my daughter!

    Will you mention details, sew-along posts, pattern sale, etc on Facebook too as I'm finding it much easier to follow on there (does it automatically update? I don't know these things!).

    Did I say yay, already?! ;-)

  5. What a great idea! Also, I hope you don't mind, but I have given your lovely blog an award. Come check it out at