Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lingerie Sew-Along: Everything you need in one place!

I just thought that I would include a link to each individual lingerie-sew along as sort of an index where you could skip to the step you're looking for without having to drag through the rest of the blog posts. Here you go!


Part 1: Printing the pattern, and adding seam allowance
Part 2: Resizing, Layout and Cutting your bra

Part 3: Darts, Pressing, and Attaching the Bra Band

Part 4: Binding the top of the bra

Part 5: Finishing the bra band

Part 6: Closure, straps, finishing touches and pictures

Tap Pants:

Part 7: Starting the Tap Pants
Part 8: Tap Pants Cutting, Darts and Yoke

Part 9: Inner Leg and Front to Back Seams

Part 10: Tap Pants Lace Inset and Front/ Back Facings
Part 11: Tap Pants finishing touches and pictures

Slip/ Cami:

Part 12: Starting the Slip, Cutting, and Contour Darts in Slip Back
Part 13: Bust Darts and Gathers, Joining Bodice and Slip Front

Part 14: Side Seams, Facing Bodice, Binding the Top 

Part 15: Final Touches and the Finished Product


  1. Oh, thank you for putting everything into one post! Y'all did this right smack in the middle of our relocation, but now I can "tag along" anyhow with ease. :)