Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lingerie Sew-Along: Side Seams, Facing Bodice, and Binding the Top, Part 14

Well, I have officially gotten all of my Christmas shopping done thanks to a bunch of black Friday deals online. Now we can get back to the sewing! Our next step in the Lingerie Sew-Along is to sew the side seams. This is pretty easy, just match the notches, right sides together, and sew.

Side seams pinned, RIGHT sides together.

Then press your side seams. Now you can move onto facing your bodice. For my facing pieces I used a soft, sheer white cotton.

Place the bodice facing pieces WRONG sides together on the inside of the bodice, matching the ends of the darts.

Pin in place. I have pinned my facing pieces to my side seam allowances as well, as I'll be basting them together and either binding or serging the ends later.

Baste the bodice pieces together at the top and sides. This will hold them in place as you bind them in the next step.

There are a few ways to bind the top. If you're using folded bias tape, you can see how we did this for the Pauline Bra here.

 I couldn't find any folded bias tape in white in all of Norway, but what I did have was some lovely white rayon seam binding and this will do just fine.

 Instead of pressing the binding in half, I used it as a sort of facing. I sewed the binding to the inside all the way around the top of the slip, 1/4" from the edge.

 Then I pressed the seam tape up and flipped it over to the RIGHT side so that the seam that I just created was at the top of the slip, and all of the remaining seam tape was on the right side.

You can see that the top of my slip bodice is not the seam between the seam tape and the bodice.

 Then I just pinned and sewed it in place, pressed again and voila! The top is finished all the way around.

Next? Straps and a hem, and we're done!
Did any of you go shopping on black Friday? Did you get any fantastic deals?

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