Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Roundup.

Here are just some interesting things for your day...

Tilly and the buttons is hosting a giveaway. There's a fantastic observation on fitting a garment to the human form, and the comment to win section is really a great read. She asked that everyone share a sewing secret or tip and the resulting comments are fascinating and informative.

Also, if you like vintage fashion catalogs (swoon) there's a great collection of pictures over on Casey's Elegant Musings, shared with us by her guest blogger, Ashley from Bramblewood Fashion.

In other news, I got my Victoria's Secret catalog in the mail today and instantly fell in love with this:

Velvet Boyfriend Shirt at VS.
So I got online and bought 2 yards of lovely rayon velvet and dug through my Burda Fashion Magazine collection for a great button down shirt pattern. I found a dozen or so. more on that later.
So of course that got me thinking about what else I like in the catalog that I could sew...
and I went straight to the page that had these gorgeous leggings:

VS Siren Legging in corduroy.

Naturally I hadn't checked out yet at so did a search for stretch corduroy and found this, and promptly bought some of that too.

This Burda skinny trouser pattern is just what I have in mind. Good thing I have the issue filed away in my collection, ready to go!
I think post sew-along I'm going to have some fully modern sewing on my hands.


  1. Oooo... I want a velvet shirt and skinny cord pants now! Yesterday I ordered supplies to make Colette Patterns' Clover in stretch plaid (very Marylin/50's inspired). Once I get those made I'm going to have to buy some stretch cord to make them again. I can totally see wearing a velvet top with the cord pants, belted at the waist. Love it!

  2. Love the velvet shirt! Can't wait to see your version. I want one now!!