Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pattern of the Day.

As some of you know, it's been my long held morning tradition of trolling etsy, coffee in hand, for any super unique patterns to have been recently listed. I sort of got out of that recently in an effort to save for my unhealthy Christmas addiction.
But I was weak and gave in today, and much to my delight, I found a great pattern that I only feel slightly giulty for buying.

I give you McCall's 6523.

The rosette is gastly, I know, but the ample hip pleating is just fantastic, and this dress is nearly a double of the only vintage Designer dress I have... and love.. and can't fit into anymore (or ever, for that matter).

I managed to squeeze into this dress for the gala night on our (belated) honeymoon cruise in January. And then we sat down to diner, the ship entered open water, and I was promptly overwhelmed with both seasickness and an inability to breath in my tight dress. I had to run back to the cabin to change and I sort of gave up on the dress afterwards. That and the advent of 10 lbs didn't help either.

My favorite feature of this dress was the way it made my hips seem wider and my waist seam tinier, in the most Monroe-esque way. The pleats have been lined with a very stiff horsehair interfacing, making them almost have a life of their own.
There isn't any more room for me to make this dress bigger... so perhaps I'll just have to sew another one?


  1. Great find, what an excellent pattern! My hips are big enough though and certainly do not need highlighting...hehe!

    Your black dress looks amazing on you by the way, shame it feels uncomfortable :o(

  2. Great pattern! I especially love the slim long sleeves on view A. Delicious. Can't wait to see what you make from it!

  3. What a great pattern. I can't believe how much it resembles your black dress (which by the way is gorgeous). You should really attempt to recreate your dress with this pattern. I need to find the perfect dress to make my waist smaller - don't need any help with the hips though :)

  4. I love it, very interesting pleating for sure.

  5. Gorgeous pattern! Now that you know this style suits you so well, you can make a new LBD and maybe one or more in jewel tones. Can't have too many of a dress that looks this good!

  6. What a gorgeous pattern! I love it! I can't wait to see a new version!

  7. Hey!!! I love this dress--#6523-- and would love to make my wedding dress based on it. I would make it straight-length and to the floor, with 3/4 sleeves..... Would you be willing to sell it to me?


  8. Hi Susannah,
    That sounds like a wonderful dress idea. There's actually a copy of this pattern for sale here: