Thursday, November 10, 2011

New pattern for the wee ones...

This week, I had one goal. Finish the new pattern I was developing before I started on the slip/ camisole part of the Lingerie Sew-Along. Well, I finished... and now I totally feel like an idiot.
I slaved all this week on this cute little sun suit pattern pdf and then I emailed one to my sister and she so obnoxiously (but rightfully) pointed out, "It's a shorts pattern... it's November, Anna."


I started on this adorable pattern in July and then put it aside for other projects, travel, and the big move from one house to the next, and I'm a complete idiot for not leaving it until summer. Luckily, I have a kids trouser pattern from the same era and I can re-do it a bit to include a long overall/ trouser version.
Ugh. I'll be putting that off for a while though so I can start on the Slip/ Cami sew along posts for you all.

In other sewing news, this was drawn to my attention and I seriously need to get some of these nearly poetic sewing labels:

They are offered for sale at Sublime Stitching. And they make a great point! There are so few really easy, immediate gratification sewing projects out there that you can tote or wear around proudly. The good ones always take sooooooooooo long.

And speaking of things that take forever, that's why I haven't attempted sewing myself a coat yet. That, and wool intimidates me... and I'm not even sure why. But I am sorely tempted to sew one after seeing something else in my Victoria's Secret Catalog:

This gorgeous military coat got me to thinking and I dug through my stash to see if I had any coat patterns. Of all wonders, I had McCall's 2054 in two different sizes! The version on the left is nearly identical!

Can anyone recommend a good place online to buy wool fabric?


  1. For those of us down under is almost summer - maybe you were just thinking of us?! And the shorts are sooo cute!

  2. I was going to say the same thing - summer is about to arrive in the Southern Hemisphere!

  3. Horray! I have a 2 little ones and I've been dying to sew some little rompers for them next summer. Fear not about the weather issue. Things like this give us something to look forward to and keep us busy during the winter blues! :)

  4. Have you tried Fabric Mart online? They have Shetland, boucles, blends, coatings, and others at pretty good prices, even cashmere if you want to splurge! The colors are to die for and even though I don't really wear wool, I have been tempted so many times by their beautiful selection.

  5. @Katrina Blanchalle OMG, I'm so sorry, I remembered your location and checked their shipping policies. It looks like they only ship in US! Sorry about that.

  6. I just bought boiled wool from Fabricland in the UK at a bargain £8.99 per meter, I think they ship internationally but I suspect that may be expensive...

    Mine is pale blue because I want it for a very specific project but I fell in love with a pale green that they had too.

    I chatted with the assistant about wool because I've never sewn with it either, she said it is very easy to sew and cut - it cuts very neatly like felt (also being wool of course!). I suspect the things to watch out for is steaming the seams - using a ham/roll - as I imagine it would mark very easily. Her advise, which is common sense really is to play with the scraps, trying different stitches and tensions, etc. IIR, at least one of my 1930s-40s Sewing book recommends sewing seams on test fabric in varying stitch length and then giving them a good tug to see which is sturdiest/least damaging. I am planning on doing a lot of hand-basting and sewing with my coat project.

    As for the pattern, a lot of sewers sew ahead of the season and my 2 year old does wear shorts in winter - over tights with long boots, she looks super cute. So in wool, tweed or cord, the shorts would still work for winter.

    I've been letting her choose her own clothes this week (mostly for my own amusement). Today she asked to wear a cotton jersey romper (beachwear) - not dissimilar to your pattern and on top of that a pair of bloomers, on top of that a pair of denim dungarees and then a second pair of denim dungarees on top of that! I had a good giggle dressing her, she was uber-pleased and at least she is warm! She's not asked to take any layers off yet either!

    And finally I am way behind on the lingerie, but I have so much work to do at the moment, its going to have to wait until I'm on top of it. Boo!

  7. don't be afraid of wool! it's so easy & fun to sew! you have to be careful about pretreating it (and washing it in the future, obviously), but ooh i love sewing & pressing a nice wool. so satisfying!

    i've bought some lovely wools from gorgeous fabrics, and denver fabrics. mood has great stuff too, although their shipping is a little high. i'm not a huge fan of fabric mart - the last time i ordered from them, i had a problem with shipping & it took them a full week to get back to me (and by then the post office had resolved the issue). the guy who emailed me was borderline rude, and the fabric ending up being pretty cheap quality.

  8. I have ordered from this site
    and have been very happy with their service.
    Also I have been following your bra and tap panties tut via email. Is it too late to take part. I was overflowing with costume making at the time.

  9. It's never too late to join the sew along! The more the merrier!

  10. Thanks, ordered my pattern, now all i need is to find somewhere that sells flannel. My daughter wanted some for a shirt, couldnt find any at all. The hunt is on.

  11. @sew vala Try They didn't have the wool I was looking for, but that's where I got my flannel and it was a really good price.