Friday, August 24, 2012

Sew Expensive... McCall 8400

 I have a super-fun bad habit. I like to watch sewing patterns I know I won't be able to afford sell for a fortune on Ebay. Occasionally, I'll even buy one anyways.
That leads me to create a new segment called "Sew Expensive". We can all swoon together over pictures, grumble over prices, and maybe even learn something as I post about these beauties.

Today for your viewing pleasure I have McCall 8400 which recently sold for $163.50 on Ebay.
Wouldn't you love to have that kind of pattern buying budget?

This evening gown pattern is from 1935 and just drips glamor. The interesting feature about this gown is that the rounded matronly collar is deceptively demure until you look down to the deep slit at the armhole. It's designed to tantalize without revealing and it's pure genius.

If you bought this, whoever you are, I'll just bet your life is really interesting. And also, will you be my friend?


  1. Excuse me whilst I cry over the expense.

    No seriously, though. I have a very small pattern budget, I'd be in heaven should I be able to afford to go that over budget!!

  2. Anna, I do this too! I fantasise about putting in a bid, but get terrified at the thought of actually winning and having to hand over that much money! I think the most I've ever spent on a 1930s pattern was about £30 on eBay and that was only because I hadn't discovered Etsy yet! I wish I had more spending power so I could acquire beauties like the one above...*sigh*!

  3. Oh gosh thats so expensive. I only hope that whoever buys such patterns is someone who will be tracing them for reproduction, instead of being filed away in a collection never to be sewn up again.

    I wish I had that budget for patterns! That said, I spend more on my 40's patterns than I do on the fabric at times.

  4. I can't help but look at the blue model's derriere and wish mine looked the same! My budget is really low, and for some reason, all the auctions seem to end way after my bedtime, so I'm putting in my bid, plus a max bid. Then I have horrible nightmares about winning the auction but having to pay my full bid!!!

  5. I often feel my vintage collecting/sewing budget is too small. So I always try to save pictures of the patterns or clothing I wish I could afford. The make great reference material and they are free. Can't beat that!

  6. I play mind games with myself while I follow the bidding process. When the bids are within my range I'm in love with the pattern and think of all the lovely things I would do with it. When the bids go astronomical I get the sour grapes attitude and decide I didn't really like the pattern very much after all and even if I did it looks like it's really simple to draft, etc, etc. I'm very immature about the whole thing.

  7. What an exquisite pattern! My budget isn't nearly that high, either, but it's certainly fun to ogle patterns like this one.

    It would be nice to have such a budget, or even the opportunity for a few splurges in my lifetime, but I also know that I've found some incredible vintage patterns at yard sales and even antique malls for a pittance. I worry being bitter about it would end those discoveries for myself, so chuckle, cheer for the seller whose wallet just fattened by a great deal, and move on.

  8. pattern porn and I'm guilty as sin!

  9. Beautiful pattern but definitely out of my budget. I love looking at the old fashion magazines from the 30's and 40's with the pics of patterns from then, too.
    Pattern porn....that's what it is.