Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sew Expensive... Wealthy Knitters Unite!

 Today for our semi-regular (when I feel like it) installment of Sew Expensive we have a knitting/ crochet book instead of a sewing pattern.
Last night (night for me, at least) Worth's Hand Knitted Creations sold on eBay for a sum that made me spill my morning coffee all over the damn place.

The 72 page booklet from 1936 sold for a painfully exciting $213.58. Why? Hell if I know. Maybe it was because it looked like this:

And had a pattern for this in it:

Wow. I mean, WOW.

It's beautiful to be sure, and very rare. I would pay $213 for this dress, but I'm not sure I would pay that for the pattern.
How about you? Is there something that you would pay almost anything for, that might not seem very valuable to others?
Philosophical answers are welcome too.


  1. I would never pay that. But I do have the age of almost seventy. Ik love sewing and am still fond of this kind of dresses but will never wear them anymore. So , no, its not a temptation fot me personally. But what a lovely, beautiful dress. For the big pattern-designers , however,it might be a bargain to buy such thing.

  2. That is absolutely stunning! I wouldn't be able to justify paying that myself, especially as I can't knit. It is gorgeous though, so maybe for a special occasion or for pattern designers it's worth it?

  3. I am a knitter and I have a large collection of reproduction knitting patterns and a modest collection of actual vintage patterns. This disappoints me greatly. Knitting patterns are much more easily acquired than sewing patterns and the prices have been much lower. I have stopped collecting sewing patterns because I can't afford them. I hope that doesn't happen to knitting patterns. $213 is ridiculous for a knitting pattern. There is no way I'd pay that.

  4. Wow. Terrific pattern, in a book that's in great shape to boot! Would I spend over $200 on it? Um, no. I like the ability to afford to eat and pay my rent *LOL* However, I did recently spend almost $55 dollars on a dress and coat pattern from the 1930s that I had once let slip through my fingers. Hence the mini-fortune I spent on it now. Sheesh, will I ever learn?? *sigh* Thankfully, no. I like pretty things, and I will occasionally loosen the purse-strings and binge, but I still try and limit myself to within the confines of my budget. Probably explains the almost 100 pages of favourites I have over on them all, but could never afford them all (at least not at once, unless someone wants to sell me the winning lotto ticket...?)

    Fabulous site and blog, and a big fan of your etsy shop as well! Keep up the good (and hard) work! :)

    Mugsy / Catherine

  5. I'm a knitter, and the price of that just makes me shutter a bit. I can't imagine ever paying that much for a knit pattern. It's gorgeous, but the thought of knitting it also make me shutter a bit. Given the time period, I'm sure it's knit with a really lightweight yarn on really small needles. I'd lose my mind before I could finish a floor length dress with light yarn and small needles.

  6. That is a beautiful pattern, but I'd be so afraid to actually wear it! What if it got caught on something and pulled a stitch? As a knitter, I balk at paying $7 for a new knitting pattern! And now that I've expanded my 1940s sewing pattern collection, I find that I'm asking myself if I really need another one! I mean, how many tap panties and slip patterns are too many? Why not take the one I really like and modify that if I want something different? Do I really need 10 different dresses? Why not just modify the bodice to mix it up? And so goes my philosophical musings....

  7. Wow- I'm assuming it's from the House of Worth? Like Charles Worth. If that's the case I can see it going for a lot of money to a fashion historian. I didn't even know there were designer knitting patterns. Pretty neat. But I would never pay that much.

  8. That's a lot of money for a knitting pattern, but when you take into consideration the designer, I guess I can see it. I do collect any kind of vintage pattern, I have a good number of knitting and crochet patterns from the 40's, but I got them at a good price. (good for me) :) Is there anything I would pay a ridiculous amount of money for it? Probably, assuming I had the money :) it would probably be fabric. I wouldn't take it from the grocery budget.

  9. Okay, so that looks like a fabulous pattern, however I would not pay that much money for it, I guess it really is relative to a person's lifestyle though.

    I found you via A Sewing Odyssey and love your blog!

  10. Anna,
    I knit and crochet, well, let's say I try and NO I would not pay that. But hey, maybe the buyer can crochet better than my wash clothes and flat stuff. Corners make me want to throw up. So, with a locker full of yarn sitting in the patio as I write, I would love to know who bought that and unload my stash for a nice sum. I would throw in my 13 bamboo crochet hooks that I paid $2.58 for which was a deal back then. I am telling everyone I know about your patterns and blog spot so I can bring customers to your French doors. You and hubby are such a darling couple.....AH youth! I will be back to buy your patterns and learn to use the rulers. Love them all! So many cool outfits and such sexy lingerie and all are done terrifically well. See you ALL at the check out booth.
    Joyful Couture on etsy

  11. If it's from the Charles Worth I can definitely see it going for a large sum. He was the father of haute couture, so I can see that happening if that pattern happens to be his.