Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where did my sewing time go?

Ah, the woes of having a job. You have to get up early, be on your feet all day, you have financial security, and get to buy pretty things. Speaking of which, there's an AMAZING sale at Modcloth and I got this!
It would take me years to sew one of these!

Drat, it's not so bad, but my sewing time had gone out the window for a short while. I'm covering the shifts of someone who needs time to heal an injury (yes, barista is a sport) and I discovered that making more than one seam an evening on my current project is completely unfathomable. Plus, ew, I think I'm getting sick, and I REALLY can't get sick because there's no one to work for me if I can't. Agh, the pressure! Good thing I like my job.
Poor scan!

So here's the rundown on the current project. I'm making burda young fashion number 7997, a tank top and shorts sleepwear pattern that I'm trying to doll up a considerable amount. I'm thinking ruffles and lace... but where?
I'm using some lovely light blue semi-sheer vintage cotton print that I picked up at my local thrift store, pictures to follow, of course.


  1. But where? Lace can go anywhere your heart desires! Just let that heart tell you where it wants to go. Have fun! Looking forward to pics.

  2. What a gorgeous dress. So clean and classic.

  3. Hang in there, Anna ;-)BTW...love that dress. Is there a pattern for it?