Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sick and sewing just don't mix.

Blue: I think I forgot my panties again...Black: Every time I look in a mirror, I'm haunted by knickers!
 It's true, sick and sewing just don't mix. So I've had the flu and have hardly made a stitch in a week. The lovely vintage lingerie pattern (simplicity 2693) arrived in the mail and I had started to attempt the tap pants in black satin as a test. Today I'm feeling somewhat better and gave myself the unhappy job of picking out a waistband seam that I had sewn on them very poorly indeed.
Picking the seam out of polyester satin (yes, much to my horror, I still use the stuff to test a pattern before I try it on one of my precious silks) is the devil. It really shouldn't be picked out in the first place as the fabric will have permanent holes from the sewing needle but it had to be done. The pattern had instructed that I use a piece of bias tape to finish the waist edge of the 'panties' as they were called.

One thing I've learned about sewing with vintage patterns: they almost always require bias tape at some point, and never tell you about it in materials needed. Another thing I've learned, from now on, before I start a project, I'm going to buy a yard or two of matching bias tape just to be on the safe side. When the vintage pattern calls for it, just use it. I didn't and instead attempted to finish the edge by ironing hem tape to the end and folding it over as I did so that as I folded it over again to sew my edge, the raw edge would be encased.
This is great for many fabrics, but not satin, as the tape makes it stiff and shows every single mistake you make. The finished project at the end has several bunches and small 'peaks' of fabric and looked horrible. I'm still too sick to go out and buy some bias tape (I abhor making it and will avoid it at all cost as I feel it takes up too much of your yardage) and I may as well ask my dear husband to trade in his man card straight away, as ask him to go to the mall (where the only fabric store can be found) to pick up some for me.

It's back to work with me tomorrow so I'm going to go get the last of my resting and getting well done before the hubby comes home from grocery shopping and needs directing to make dinner. What a sweetheart.


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