Thursday, September 2, 2010

Really, just, really?

I am sad. I bought a 'pattern' pdf online the other day that was advertised to be a pattern for two different 1920's bras. Sadly, I don't think the seller had any idea what a pattern is because I was emailed a scan of an old 20's magazine with an advertisement for a pattern. Grrrr...
I'm hoping there's more to it, and I'm waiting to hear back from the seller, but sadly, I think I'm right back where I started, minus my stupid $5.
Where the hell do I get tape? (courtesy of
So the hunt continues and I'm considering designing my own pattern instead. Since mail takes about a year to get to Norway, it's going to be a while before my purchased pattern gets here and my fingers are just itching to sew. So I'm going to attempt a project runway and tape out a pattern design on my dress form and make a muslin pattern from there. I've never done it before but hey, a bra has to be the easiest thing to start with, right? (insert vodka here) Now if I can only work around the fact that my dress form's boobies are twice the size of mine...
Let hope it doesn't turn out like this:
Image courtesy of etsy. com and


  1. This is something I can look forward to. More exciting than Farmville, I must say. Think of all the self poses you can show us as you construct.

  2. I will dig into my box of patterns and see what I can find, Anna ;-)