Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fashion Service Magazine: a few pages from 1930

Hello lovely readers. Today I am sorting through my huge (HUGE!) collection of Fashion Service magazines from the 1920's through 1930's and I found a few pages I thought that you might like to see.

These images come from the July, 1930 issue of Fashion Service Magazine.

These hats just make me tingle all over. Wouldn't it be amazing if we could bring these back in style again?
Don't those pajamas just make you long for the weekend and some sunshine to lounge in?

Usually if the magazine didn't include a diagram and instructions for making the featured designs, they recommended which pattern models (McCall's, Pictorial, etc.) one could buy to sew the desired look.
This issue, however, was advertising patterns produced by the Woman's Institute, for example, the beautiful model below (bottom right), #6D-7, could be made by ordering "W. Institute 2594" for 15 cents.

Reading about the patterns advertised surprised me because I've never seen a pattern directly released by the Woman's Institute before, and my Google and Pattern Wiki searches didn't show any either.
Have you ever seen one?


  1. Simply gorgeous! This makes me want to live in floaty fabrics and fancy hats while sipping lemonade and sweet tea under a tree all summer long! You know like the lady in orange in the first picture. *sigh* Now I have an overwhelming urge to search for early 30s patterns for a summer dress.

  2. i just want the "magic" negligee!!! looks so comfy.....

  3. Oh I love this magazine! I've tracked down pictures of the covers from online and found a few related articles with pattern drafting instructions too. Have you ever thought of scanning your issues and making them available online? It would be a great resource. I love your blog, by the way.