Sunday, March 4, 2012

Warm Weather Thoughts... and Clothes.

So for a little break from the Ooh La La Pin-Up Sew-Along posts I thought I'd share something not lingerie-related for once.

Last spring I made this set and for some reason never took photos. Mostly because it was SO COLD and never warmed up over the summer. This ended up neatly tucked away with all my other warm weather clothes and projects.

For just the short pattern, click here.
Lately people have been asking me if I have a shorts pattern at Mrs. Depew Vintage and I do! Does that mean it's warming up somewhere in the world? It gives me hope, and reason to air out my summer pretties.

I used this great Beach Set Pattern PDF that I had based on a great 40's pattern in my stash.

To make the contrasting top and bottom strips I just cut 2 more of the waistband piece and sewed it on like bias tape before sewing any of my seams together.

Because of the nifty gathering effect of the pattern front, there's actually quite a bit of room in the bust area, depending on how tight you tie the knot at the bust. This is a 38" bust and a friend with an enviable DD pair tired it on and it fit great. I had to snip 2" off the center seam of the pattern to make it fit my much less impressive measurements.

For the shorts fabric I used a stretch cotton sateen from that they unfortunately don't sell anymore. As much as I love the sateen effect on cotton (ah, sateen sheets) it's a complete cat hair magnet so I'll probably avoid it in the future.

How about you? Are you starting to get a bit anxious for spring? Do you have any fun spring clothing sewing plans? I'm already thinking about more sew-along ideas and I think next time we'll try some fun separates. Maybe a blouse? What would you like to see next?


  1. That's adorable! Unfortunately, my current body doesn't support seperates like that. heh
    I would love a bathing suit sewalong as I plan on tackling one sometime in the next couple months anyways but I nice blouse is always a nice addition to the wardrobe. :)

  2. I don't quite understand what you mean,trouble again to explain,especially...

    1. Hi Hollister, did you mean that you didn't understand how I stitched the contrasting red fabric to the top?

  3. So cute - and great for here where it's always hot. Maybe by next Summer I'll be up for shorts!

  4. Adorable! I am with you in that spring could not come any sooner! Right now, I'm making a dress for a friends wedding and after, I'm thinking about making a cropped top with a scalloped hem.

  5. I remember when you first posted the top, it was so cute on you. I had no idea that there were shorts to go with it, so darling! I would absolutely love another sew along run by you. Since participating in the Ooh La La sew along, I've added you to my "must sew along" list. Meaning that if you are running a sew along, I must participate. Right now that list has three people on it ;)

  6. Love this set! It's so sassy and fun! Thanks for sharing!