Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pretty Pretty Vintage Lingerie...

So when I'm not sewing, designing a pattern, or obsessively looking for the next vintage pattern I must have, I swoon over lingerie on Etsy and Ebay. I looked over my favorites the other day and realized I had a pretty gorgeous mood board going on, so I thought I would share a few of my favorite pieces from my favorite sellers with you.

I have to start with two lovely French new old stock corsets from Auvergne Memories.
First a lovely peach satin with stretch panels (Alas! Still one size too small!)

The beautiful top stitch detail gives me lots to think about for my next corset.
And then a gorgeous midnight blue one... swoon.

These genuine vintage corsets look a great deal like the corset from our sew-along. Why, of course, they're both French!
 I have bought from this shop before and had a lovely experience; I can't recommend her enough! She also has lovely vintage garter straps and bra closures in her shop.

I bought one of these vintage bra backs in pink and will be using it as my closure for my sew-along bra. (coming soon!)

Then there's this adorable 1920's lace bra with delicate rosettes. It's pieces like these that I like to study every detail of for inspiration in my own hand-sewn lingerie.

And I would have bought this gorgeous slip from Vintage Costumes in a heartbeat if it had been just one size bigger. Check out that beautiful embroidered front!

And of course, the lace and ribbon detail is exquisite on this beautiful pink rayon nightgown from Urbaneccentric.

I recently bought a pair quite similar to these adorable new old stock vintage rayon tap panties from Vintage Clothiers and LOVED them! Just one more shop I can't recommend enough.

How about you? Do you buy vintage lingerie? If so, what do you look for? I try to strike a fine balance between wearable and too beautiful to pass up!

Also, are you about ready to start on your bras for the Ooh La La Pin-Up Sew-Along?


  1. OHh that midnight blue one would look gorgeous under my Pan Am stewardess costume I'm going to make. Lovely

  2. Oh my, these are too lovely! I've never purchased any vintage lingerie, the closest I've come is purchasing vintage lingerie patterns to sew from. So I'm looking forward to the next phase of your sew along.

  3. I've never purchased any vintage lingerie, but I'm more than intrigued to make my own lingerie. But I was wondering what "new old stock vintage" is?

  4. Gabriella, Good question! New old stock refers to something that is vintage, but has never been worn, often with the tags still attached. Many of these things often come from shops that closed in that era, and put leftover stock in storage to be found untouched decades later! My mom bought an old building that used to an old dry goods store and opened a closet to find it full of 1930's ladies shoes still int heir boxes with tags and all!

  5. Wow all of these are gorgeous! I don't buy vintage lingerie, its the probably one thing I haven't looked into yet. I may make some though, your blog is definitely making me want to get out my sewing machine! XxxX

  6. Well, there is nothing wrong with going old school sometimes, even when it comes to undergarments. You can just use some of your crafty magic to give it a modern twist! Compared to the old times, garments today have that sophisticated style which highlights the silhouette of the body. But you can still incorporate some old designs to give the garment an interesting mix.