Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Free Knitting Pattern and some sewing updates...

Today for those of you who knit, I have something special for you!

I found this beautiful sweater knitting pattern in an old Workbasket booklet from 1947 and just had to share it with you all.

I really wish I could knit. I wish it on a daily basis, actually, especially when I have patterns like this  one at my fingertips.

But where would I add yarn and knitting needles to the mountain of fabric and patterns that occupy my creative space? I just have to keep telling myself, "One hobby at a time, Anna, just one."

In other sewing news, Sarah posted a recap of the corset project over on Ohhh Lulu with some more pictures of her gorgeous finished corset.

And last, but not least, are you thinking about sewing your bra for the Ooh La La pin-Up Sew-Along? Which version will you sew, the corselet or bra? I think I'll do one of each just for kicks.


  1. Oh I wish I had cold days here. Such a lovley jumper. Not sure about the nipple action on the knitted bra though !

  2. That sweater is lovely, I may have to add it to my winter knitting queue, though I'm still working on the same sweater I started last fall. At least you picked that hobby with more instant gratification. Sewing surely yields more finished garments than knitting would.

    I haven't decided if I prefer the corselet or the bra. Maybe I'll muslin both and decide from there.

  3. I collect vintage knitting patterns, so thank you very much for this. I have a Danish grandmother, so I learned to knit the continental way. Biased though I am, I think it's much easier, so when you're ready for a new hobby, go this route.

  4. I LOVE those little roses in the nipple area of that bra :) LOL
    As to the sew along. Maybe I'll get the corset done first ;)

  5. i was wondering if the measurements for the knitting needles are US or UK?

    1. hI there, thanks for your question. These patterns were published in the U.S. so I'm assuming the needles are in U.S. sizes. Have fun!

  6. thank you so much. I am continually having brain damage as a result of sewing vs knitting. knitting is my first love so I am committed to the yarn stash first so thank you for not forgetting about us neurotic knitters of past patterns.