Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Eye Candy - 1939

Today for your viewing pleasure, I have some clips from DuBarry Fashion Prevue, Feb. 1939.

I just love how colorful everything in the booklet is. It's very bright and optimistic in a world that was on the brink of disaster.

I have some old Star Twist thread spools with their cute little labels in beautiful pastel colors. And in case you weren't aware of it, you've been tilting your chin the wrong way your whole life!

 The whole booklet pdf is available for purchase here.


  1. The dresses and jackets are just beautiful. Why do those pleated and gathered sleeve caps look so cute in the drawings and so ridiculous in real life? (At least on me! :))
    The neck exercises are hilarious. Too bad I waited too long to nip my double chins in the bud - they've already bloomed. LOL
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful booklet!

  2. Love this, especially the neck exercises. Too cute.

  3. The colors and the silhouettes are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing!