Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bomb Girls

If you're not watching Bomb Girls yet, you should be.

The Canadian show is a beautifully put together drama about the women who bravely worked in one of several munitions factories to help the war effort during World War II.

Women heard the call in every country involved in World War II and rose above social restraints and convention to take the places of men who had gone on to fight.

Women diligently working in a Russian munitions factory.
In some countries, joining the work force was required, as in the UK's Land army. In other cases, it was voluntary, and many women caught hell from various detractors who thought it was more important to defend a woman's role as home-maker than it was to win a war against a violent aggressor.

Bomb girls does an amazing job of depicting not only the war effort, the stress these women were under to keep their men well armed, the worries they shared over sweethearts in harm's way, and gives a very good idea of what it was like to live and work during a war, with the rumor of possible invasion looming over their heads. (And the clothes aren't half bad either.)

But more importantly, what Bomb Girls does is shows how much many women welcomed the chance to work, how they valued their sudden independence, and how willing they were to hang on like hell to that independence after the men came home.
The poster above is a great illustration of the sudden power given to women to contribute to their countries as valued citizens.

This topic is particularly dear to my heart because my great grandmother, Ora, worked in a bomb factory herself during the war. Her middle finger was somehow smashed between two bombs. It healed straight and she was never able to bend it, but she still somehow managed to play the piano, straight finger and all. I remember my dad telling me that he thought it was so funny when he was little, she would make a fist, and her middle finger would still stick straight out. How I wish I could have met her.

Thank you to all the women who worked harder than we can imagine to fight the war in any way they could, and who paved the way for women to have the social and financial freedoms that many of us take for granted today.

You can watch bomb girls online here.


  1. This sounds brilliant Anna, those women were so brave and strong. I'm glad it can be watched online, I look forward to doing so!

  2. Sounds really good, I wonder if I can keep my teenagers off the computer long enough to watch a bit?!

  3. I love reading about women's role at the home front during WWII. Thanks for sharing! Cannot wait to see these episodes.

  4. I just started watching Bomb Girls and I love it. Betty is my favourite. It's really nice to see a show that depicts the contribution women made in the war. I think people forget that many of them risked their lives building munitions too.

  5. I actually starting watching Bomb girls last week... I don't have cable or satellite so I didnt know about it until I went onto the global tv site.... I have athing for canadian produced shows... they tend to be a bit cheesy but always enjoyable...

  6. I'd seen the ads at my local supermarket, but hadn't realized the show had already started-- or was viewable online. Awesome! I'll be on the lookout for Toronto landmarks ;)

  7. Thank you so much for the heads up! I hadn't heard of this show but am sure that after one viewing I'm gonna be hooked! xoxo