Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lingerie Sew-Along: Final Touches and the Finished Product, Part 15

Well, crap. The sun just isn't going to shine here, and without it's cooperation, any pictures I take of myself in the Pauline slip are just going to be dark and scary.
So let's just finish up the Lingerie Sew-Along, shall we?

When last we left off, we finished the side seams, the bodice facing, and we bound the top edges.

As far as the bodice facing edges on the inside are concerned, they can either be serged together with the bodice seam allowance, bound, or just basted together. The point is just to keep the inside facing from bunching up inside your bodice and creating unsightly lumps.

The inside bodice facing edges, pinned and ready to be dealt with.
Next we have the straps. They can be done as detailed in Pretty Pretties or as we discussed in the post about sewing straps to the Pauline Bra.

Images of strap sewing from the Pauline Bra.
My strap, sewn on as above, using plush lingerie elastic.
Which leaves us with the hem. There is no fancy lace inset to be dealt with so the hem is really straight forward. Here's how I like to do my hems:

I start by pinking the edges of the hem if necessary. I'm using charmeuse and it frays a bit so pinking will help keep that under control.

 Next, to the RIGHT side of the hem allowance, I sew seam/ hem tape, sewing about 1/8" from the upper edge of the tape.

Once the hem tape is secured, you can just pin the hem as you normally would. When you sew your hem in, your raw edges will be hidden behind the hem tape.

 I have tried sewing hems using machine hemming stitches and various attachments but I always go back to stitching my hem by hand. I like to put a chic flick on and slowly and neatly hand-stitch my hem. I find it soothing.

My hem stitches on the outside.
 And here's what we have! This little darling looks even better than the one like it that I wanted to buy some time ago. It's ridiculously comfortable, looks great, and feels so soft.

So how did it go for you? Did you hit any snags? I did, I got it all done perfectly, went to iron my hem, and managed to accidentally burn a tiny spot on my hem. Yeah, lame.

Any questions/ comments?


  1. I'm so far behind, I'm going to start cutting the fabric today at work :(

  2. Are you posting photos of the completed projects? I finally finished mine!