Monday, December 26, 2011

For love of a silk shirt.

Did everyone have a great holiday? I had a wonderful Christmas, as my husband decided that he needed to outdo my parents for record of best Christmas of '95 when I got a new bike.

This year he got me beautiful suede boots (he bought me SHOES!), jewelry, and wonderful Swiss watch, and an iPad 2! I was not expecting such a fantastic new toy! We spent the morning enjoying our presents and each others company with a roaring fire and hot chocolate, then we had some wonderful friends over for a feast. Even though I missed my family I felt so blessed.

So now that the holiday rush is mostly over, I'll be getting back to working on the PDF's I have in development that I've been telling you about, and I have a project to share.

I finished this silk shirt a week ago but was just not able to get pictures taken (oh, illusive lighting!).
This shirt was a combination of two Burda magazine patterns (2/2010) and was part of a plan to copy a Victoria's Secret shirt (post about that here).

However, the velvet I ordered turned out to be all wrong for the shirt (scratchy, stiff, horrid stuff!) and the silk I used this time was my back-up fabric.

I sort of interchanged collar and cuff pieces to my liking until I had what I liked from both.

For the fabric I used Radiance cotton/ silk poplin from which I cannot recommend enough! The fabric has a great body to it, not quite stiff, but as easy to sew as regular cotton only with the luxurious feel and sheen of silk. I want to make EVERYTHING out of this fabric!

 I know, wrinkles, but I wore it all day working at the computer and then my sweetie came home  and it was take pictures right then or have no more daylight. It still looks good wrinkled.

For the fuffs, I made cufflinks with my extra buttons and the sleeves are closed that way.

 How was your holiday? Did you get any good gifts or make any wonderful memories? Do you have grand sewing plans when the holiday is over?


  1. Your blouse is absolutely beautiful, it does look very comfortable to wear. No gifts, except for the grandchildren. Did spend as week in Portland and Seattle doing the tourist thing, loved it!

    Just finished a 1940s sundress that was already cut out from 1940s cotton seersucker fabric, was in a box I got from a estate sale. Will be working on a vintage 1951 blouse pattern with of apricot see through fabric that has some crazy white patches in it. The long sleeve pattern piece is missing so I need to find a replacement.

  2. Wow, that blouse came out so perfectly. I really like the buttons - they look like black pearls. Very inspiring project!

  3. Very pretty blouse. I have to check out that fabric! The buttons looks great.

    Had a great Christmas this year also. Nice gifts from my DH as well.