Friday, March 4, 2011

Vintage Find of the Week

Well, not find of the week, really, since I seldom make it into town and the thrift shops are run by a bunch of vintage Nazis with a price gouging habit. More like vintage find of never.
But anyways, don't you just love that feeling of seeing a rack full of clothing, and your eye just seems to zoom directly to the perfect 1/4" of a divine vintage print peeking through the god-awful 1980's metallic turquoise and black velvet ranks.

That's what this print did for me, and my heart did a little flutter as I pulled it off the rack, just knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that it would fit perfectly. I love that smug feeling of pulling it on, not because you were worried it wouldn't fit, but just because you couldn't wait to see how good it would look on you, and knowing you were right.
Who cares if it's over priced Nazi vintage? It's meant for my smug vintage closet regardless.

What's up for next time? A vintage pattern make up in gorgeous rose colored rayon satin:
Stay tuned.

1 comment:

  1. Oh My Goodness!!! That is simply to die for. I would have been smug as well. I love the fabric pattern. It couldn't be any more flattering!!! Miss ya.