Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mail Call

Since I've tried to reign myself in a bit on the obsessive and somewhat compulsive pattern buying, mail calls will be fewer and less epic than the last few, but here is today's loot anyways.
This find is what I like to think of as the only gambling I may ever do. The ebay listing was for an old shoebox full of patterns. The seller was not a seamstress and simply wanted to move them on to someone else. The listing had just one picture, of the front of the shoebox with a cute little 1950's children's underwear pattern peaking out the top.

It was the one on the right, above. Then the seller simply listed the rest of the pattern names/ numbers and had not checked to see if they were complete. So I went to the Vintage Pattern Wiki and looked each of them up, and here's the kicker. Each of the patterns had more than one search result show up. One was always an amazing 1950's pattern, the other always a hideous 1960's or 1970's alter ego.
For example, was I bidding on a lovely 1950's Butterick 6518?

 Or was about to snag a dime a dozen 1970's Butterick 6518?

This is actually sort of cute, but that's not the point.
Needless to say, since I'm blogging about it in this slightly smug, excited manner, I paid $11 for the coolest jackpot ever. My winnings included some pretty great patterns including Simplicity 4187.

 And what was really amazing, is that all of the really good patterns were either complete, or in their original factory folds.

I'm especially pleased to have added Simplicity 3694 (left) to my collection. If I ever attend the Air Force Ball, I'll be making it.

Sometimes, it pays to gamble.


  1. That is a great haul! I have often shied away from bundle packs on ebay when you are just not sure what you are getting. I would make any of those though!

  2. Great work. As with sorbetsurprise I get a bit shy about buying bundles but it does pay to gamble. Good on you.

  3. Hi Anna! Can you sew me something? Amy >^..^<

  4. You were so lucky with that. I love the fifties butterick 6518.

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  6. Great gamble! They all look so lovely!