Monday, March 21, 2011

Pattern of the Day

Recently added to my collection, I give you W.T. Grant 202 from what I believe to be the 1930's.
 The pattern is for a jumper, dress, and blouse. I haven't inventoried it yet, I'm hoping it's complete!

 Wouldn't this be just the perfect outfit for a young woman's first day at college? So academic chic.

There is very little out there about the W.T. Grant department store or their pattern line. If you know anything, please feel free to comment.


  1. oooo love the new layout! and that dress is adorable! i wish i could pull that tall sophisticated look off... but i fail miserably every time i try it. lol.

  2. The wax envelope is simply a sleeve branded from the department store where this pattern was purchased. Many, many stores carried generic type patterns like this one in their stock as a store would carry milk or whatever.

    I have few patterns from this era with exactly the same types of drawings, fonts, and graphic layouts. They all have these type of department store wax sleeves. They might be from the same company, but there is really no way to tell. We often forget that there were probably hundreds of pattern manufacturers, from mail order (Marian Martin probably being the most known), to those that sold to department stores.

    Its a great pattern! Suspenders and that bow, so sweet! Id say its about 1934-ish.

  3. Absolutely fabulous pattern. Am not familiar with the label but in all the years of collecting patterns I have never seen this name. I love the lines in the skirt! Will watch with enthusiasm for your example that you will most likely make of this!

  4. ShellyJ,
    thanks so much for your comment, that helps a lot! By the way, I adore your shop! :)