Monday, August 23, 2010

She bloggeth:

With a slightly stoned cat in my lap, I am beginning my first foray into blogging about sewing (which I want to do more of), cooking (which I do too much of already) and at the moment, how annoying my neighbors are. The law in Norway forbids the physical punishment of one's children which, if you ask me, is going to turn out one badly behaved next generation. The neighbors, God bless them, seem to ignore that rule and I am now listening to one hell of a spanking. I'm sure it was well deserved, but goodness, I'm thinking about calling the Politi just to get them to shut that damn kid up. I shall attempt to drown out the sound with some rather furious sewing as I put the last finishing touches on my first half slip. Pictures and bitching to follow.
Vincent the cat, tripping balls on the meds from his recent surgery.


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