Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Aprons

After spending 8 hours on my feet making tasty espresso drinks today, I'm not feeling particularly verbose. So I shall just share a bit about the aprons that I made for the staff of Tørste Søstre (a.k.a. work).
I don't know what I was thinking but I failed to take pictures of these after I made them. I had one home the other day for a small repair and remembered to take a few shots of it. Bear in mind that it was in need of a washing because we sling espresso around like baristas on crack sometimes.

I saw a pattern online that I liked very much and hand drew a copy with a few adjustments. The main body is all one piece with a scalloped hem, every raw inch encased in bias binding (time consuming!) and grosgrain ribbon for top straps. The pockets are also bias bound and then sewn on. There is a button at the waist for attaching hand towels so we don't have to constantly waste paper towels.
I got the fabric from my beloved

I'll try to get pictures of the others modeled by my work family and post more another time.
By the way, this apron is imbued with super powers. It gave me like level 40 latte art skills.
A Cortado with a rosetta.

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  1. When you come home to visit you will have to teach me some of your mad skills. Love the apron. So Adorable.