Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Plain lingerie, I think NOT!

I love the sheen to the polished cotton.
I am utterly fed up with sewing lovely skirts only to find out later that they are partially or completely see through. I haven't learned how to properly line something yet (that will be another blog topic for later as I stumble through figuring that one out) so my natural solution would be lingerie. I sort of have a thing about frilly, lacy, silky, sexy little underthings and the thought of making, let alone wearing, a plain old half slip was not appealing in the least. How is that a project to look forward to?
Rather than not wear the 5 (yes, I really am ridiculous enough to make that mistake 5 times, honestly) see-though skirts that I have made over the last several months, I tried my hand at the half slip. With embellishments, of course.

There is a wonderfully simple half slip tutorial on Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing so I shan't bore you with all the details about how I winged mine and found the tutorial after the fact.
 I did a simple elastic cased waist band, and the real work was creating all the tiny strips of ruching at the bottom, and carefully finishing the edges of each side so I wouldn’t have many loose threads.

If anyone is curious about ruching, let me know and I'll make a tutorial. Otherwise there is a nice explanation here.

Gah! Loose threads! Where do the little buggers hide when I'm snipping them!
My fabric was the perfect sized remnant of polished cotton that I got God-knows-where years ago. The ruching is leftover polka-dot cotton (from my Polkadots and Lace Vacation Dress) that I edged with an overcasting stitch to avoid loose threads.

It's been raining nonstop here and I can't get a decent picture of anything.
What's next? I'm thinking a nice pair of black satin tap pants to wear under dark, but still sheer skirts.
Perhaps something like this?


  1. I want to see a finished product of those tap pants. So stinking cute. I'll bet they would be so flattering to your little figure.