Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sew Expensive... McCall 6057 Evening Gown Pattern - A Record Breaker!

Hello my lovely readers. This morning I watched, mesmerized, as a vintage pattern sold on eBay. This particular pattern was something special. I knew that there wasn't a chance in hell that I would be able to afford it, so I stared at it in horrified fascination, like one watches a train wreck, or Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

It was so pretty, and it sold for so much darn money!

McCall 6057 Evening Gown Pattern from 1930.
I watched McCall 6057 climb over the last few days until it settled at an eye-watering $831.
We have a record-breaker in the Sew Expensive category here on A Few Threads Loose, Ladies and Gents! For my international readers, that's £498 or 610€.

Some of you might remember that our former heavy-weight expensive sewing pattern was McCall 1794. This lovely pattern held the record at $685 for nearly two years!

So why was this pattern so expensive? This is the perfect storm of vintage sewing pattern wonderfulness: The artwork is beautiful + it's from a hard-to-find era for McCall patterns + it's an evening gown pattern + it's right on the historical transition from 1920's-1930's hem lines + it's sexy as hell + I want one = $831.

And that is all, my dears.
Happy Sewing,


  1. Oh my word! That's an eyewateringly high price, despite the beautiful pattern and rare details! I hope it's gone to a good home to be put to use ;o)

  2. Wow--What a pattern--what a price! Why do I have the feeling that it wasn't purchased for practical purposes?

  3. WOW! Having bought the pattern you don't have any money left for fabric ... for years! Amazing! :)

  4. It reminds me of the famous green dress from the movie Atonement with Kiera K. Soo beautiful!

  5. Wow, that's crazy! I've been lusting after a few evening gowns from the 1930s but I haven't seen anything with that price tag! I wish they were more accessible.

  6. Someone posted this pattern on FB too. It's gorgeous certainly, but holy cow! That price! You could probably find an original dress for the same price.

    Emily's Vintage Visions

  7. Wow I've never seen a pattern sell for so much money! It is certainly beautiful I'll give it that! Why you could put a down payment on a really high end sewing machine for that price, or a used car, or like Emily says an original dress...

    Thank you for posting this.

  8. Looks quite similar to Folkwear's Tango Dress, #237, at $16.95 U.S.

  9. McCall's has reissued

  10. I just finished McCall's recreation of this pattern. As soon as I steam and style it I will try to get some pictures. I made mine in a polyester charmeuse to do a muslin test of the pattern. This pattern doesn't have the scalloped hem detail but I feel like with some planing that look could easily be recreated.