Monday, February 24, 2014

Sew in Love... A Vintage Vanity Does Halter Top Video Tutorials!

Hello lovely readers!
Recently I was delighted to find that the very talented Jennifer of A Vintage Vanity on Youtube has done a full video tutorial series on sewing Depew #1006 - one of my vintage pattern reproductions!

The "So Sew Vintage" series of 5 video posts walks you through printing and taping together the pattern, grading the pattern (if necessary) to another size using the included pattern grading instructions, mocking up a muslin and adjusting the fit, interfacing the final pattern pieces and sewing them together, and adding buttons/ buttonholes to the finished blouse.

Jennifer, a self-proclaimed Geek (geeks unite!) chose to make her halter top out of Dr. Who-themed Tardis fabric, which, in my opinion, is unsurpassed in its epic-ness. 

The posts are very in-depth and so entertainingly presented that a complete beginner would have very little trouble sewing this blouse right up!

If you're not interested in sewing this blouse for yourself, you might want to check out the "A Vintage Vanity" Youtube channel anyways for amazing vintage fashion, DIY, makeup and hair tutorials and vlogging!
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If you are interested in giving this pattern a try, below is the complete tutorial set!

Happy sewing!

Part 1: Printing and taping together your pattern.

Tip: every printer is different and occasionally marins might be a hair off. If you find while taping the pattern pages together that the lines aren't matching up perfectly, give the perimiter of the pattern piece itself a little snip to free it from the paper around it. This can make it much easier to line up the pattern lines as necessary.

Part 2: Grading the pattern pieces.

Part 3: Mocking up the sewing pattern for a test fit.

Part 4: Interfacing and sewing the pieces together.

Part 5: Adding buttons and buttonholes - and the big reveal!

A huge thanks to Jennifer for taking the time to put together such a fantastic tutorial series! I can't wait to see the next sewing project you take on!


  1. I have been following her channel for about a year now, I absolutely love her. She is so adorable and I love her so sew vintage video's. It was because of her sewing video's that I finally started sewing myself because I had been too intimidated by it before, but she made it look so easy! And I was delighted to see her try one of your patterns, I was already wondering if you had seen them

  2. She sounds great! I'll have to check out her videos. Congrats on her using one of your patterns! Dr. Who Tardis fabric sounds awesome!

  3. Its from her videos that I discovered Mrs Depews patterns! I couldn't be happier. I've just downloaded the vintage bikini and short set and cannot wait to make it for the summer. Vintage Vanity is one of my favourite Youtubers she is so funny and talented. If you haven't seen her, you really must! x

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