Friday, January 4, 2013

Lingerie in Profile: 1950's Cut Out Brassiere

For today's post I wanted to share with you a vintage bra from Paris that I recently sold in my shop. It was one of the most unique and rare bras I have ever come across and I thought you might like to see some of the construction details that were used in it's making.

This is the only cut-out bra that I have ever seen outside of a Fredrick's of Hollywood catalog, and it's definitely more rare to find a vintage 1950's one. It still had it's original store tags and it was in perfect condition.

Firstly, the bra is lace that has been backed with a soft silk netting and then attached to a silk band, with silk ribbon straps.

The silk ribbon straps ended at the back with a small 2" length of more buttonhole elastic for comfort. (Not that one would be wearing a bra like this all day!)

The back closure was a very simple button on one end that would button into a small strip of buttonhole elastic at the other end.

I absolutely loved the beautiful contrast of the salmon-colored label.

 The ribbon straps in the front formed a loop around the top of the cutout binding, making the strap slightly adjustable depending on how the wearer's girls might have pointed.
The seams in the lace were even backed with silk binding. Overall, this is the most perfectly constructed bra I have ever seen. Each detail seems to have been lovingly done with care.

And wow is it sexy! I don't think I would look very good in a bra that didn't really cover anything...not having much to cover in the first place, but it did get me thinking about the cutout design detail, which naturally led to a google search, and my finding this modern bra.

Which of course naturally led to the thought, "Well, I could make that!" This lovely little net and elastic version sells for about $90. How fun.
And how tempting to come up with my own instead.

As much as I love the full cut out look on a dress form, I don't think it's for me. But the modern take on it is quite lovely and I think I could pull that off.
How about you? Is there a lingerie style that you just adore, but would feel ridiculous in?


  1. Love the look, but totally don't have the body for it... I am way too well endowed! lol It would be cool to create the effect with a nude mesh underneath though... hmm... I suddenly feel inspired!

  2. I love the look too but it is not for every day wear. The construction is meticulous and I appreciate it. The modern version is more my style

  3. I have quite a large bust so I don't wear any cut-out anything in fear of poking someone's eye out but I'd wear the last one if it had some kind of flesh colored netting to keep the girls in check! :P Although I can't pull them off myself, I do love the look of them. I've stumbled upon some very very old burlesque costumes and am always kind of shocked and tickled to see how dangerous women could be with their undies back then!! You go, girls!!

  4. Wow, such an amazing and very rare find! I agree, it looks very meticulously put together - something you don't see these days, sadly.
    I have the opposite problem - being far less "blessed" in that region, I just might get away with using something like that as a demi-bra *LOL* Any over bust corset would have to have cups so small it would look just plane silly - but some of them are so beautiful I can't help but sigh wistfully. Then again, I do not envy any gal that is quite blessed up front...I don't suffer the backaches, the neck and shoulder problems, and the totally rude/embarrasing looks from people. At least men look me in the eye while speaking with me - they have nowhere else to look! *rotfl*