Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Swim Trunks for Boys... or Everyone?

Today for you, dear readers, I have a 1940's French knitting pattern for boy's swim trunks. I know, there are very few 11 year old boys would easily be wrangled into a pair of these but I thought, "Hey, aren't these just amusing?" and "What else could you use this pattern for?"

The diagram below from the pattern gives the measurements in centimeters, so could one conceivably fiddle with them to scale the pattern for a larger man, or a very bold lady?

What say you?

If you would like to download the whole French pattern, click here.

Or you can check out this digital download for a 1940's full size trunks pattern for men, from FabForties.

And since my thought progression on this topic has naturally taken me to Bond (I'm weak, I know), here is a picture of the man himself, rocking a similar fashion.

Oh, sweet Jesus.


  1. Those swim trunks are so cute! But I can't imagine any boy wearing them willfully!

  2. I love how the pattern says you need "special wool for swimsuits"! Before I read that, I was thinking that you'd need to be careful what fiber you used - my cotton and wool sweaters tend to enlarge when they get wet (while hand washing). Wouldn't want those trunks to enlarge and "swim away" from the wearer! :)

  3. That shot never gets old. Really never...... hmmmmmmmmm :) thanks!

  4. I laughed out loud when I read your last line. I totally agree!

  5. Oh my! I can't help but use your word - silly!

  6. I'm late to this entry (just found your Etsy, Blog, Website, etc. - fabulous!). I let out a Gahahahaha when I saw this. Recently a Facebook friend posted a picture of these swim trunks made in a bright orange (very early 60's... I guess) with the caption: "Just because you can make something, doesn't mean that you should." (Of course Bond's version is an entirely different story!) :)