Friday, April 8, 2011

Cocktail Barbie and a Mail Call

Today's mail call was fantastique! I'm in such a mood to speak french today, since I got my lovely collection of Le Petit Echo de la Mode in the mail.

With those, came the lovely Hollywood Pattern booklet that I forgot I bought (don't you just love surprises like those?) and as I have dubbed it, my Cocktail Barbie dress pattern. Ladies and Gentleman, well, maybe just ladies, I give you McCall's 6085.
This has the potential to be either incredibly sexy, or incredibly bride's-maids-dress disastrous.
But wait, there's hope! What if I were to make it without the 'flared flounce'?
Like zis?
That's better.
The pattern for this is a remarkably easy looking 4 pieces if you discount the flounce pieces. Four pieces! I can do that. But I have too many patterns and not enough time to sew them all. Damn my derelict shopping ways. It's so irresponsible. And fun.


  1. Wow, taking the flounce off makes a huge difference! Definitely looking forward to seeing this one sewed up.

  2. You have a lot of patterns, many of which are similar. Maybe you should take a pattern making class and learn to make your own patterns, limited only by your imagination! All custom fitted to your body--which by the way looks easy to fit! On the other hand perhaps pattern collecting is more about the collecting than the need for a pattern.

  3. I think the flounce could work, you'd just have to be really, really careful about accessories and pouffiness. The dress all by itself is just a black sheath.

  4. I agree that removing the flounce gives the dress elegance. But I'm conservative plus I've seen one too many of those disastrous bridesmaid dresses you mentioned.

  5. I am passing a blogger award to you. The Liebster Award for newer blogs.

  6. I love the flounce on View B! All the views are similar to Prada's 2011 line. I think you could really make it work!

  7. is there a way to get a copy of the barbie dress pattern? or are you going to show it?

  8. Hi Cornellian, I haven't had a chance to make this one but as soon as I do, I'll definietly post about it. If you're like a copy, so vintagepatterns has it in a couple of different sizes here: