Thursday, November 11, 2010

Really Annoying Things:

Really Annoying Things:

Making bias tape by hand.
Working really hard on a pattern only to find it's incredibly unflattering.
Shoulder injuries that limit my sewing time to less than an hour a day.
Ongoing sinus infections.
Cat's that get malicious pleasure out of waking you up several times a night with noisy toys, then running away, toy in mouth, only to come back again until you take said noisy toy away.
Bad kitty.
I'm currently sewing (baby step by freakin' annoying baby step) this (seemingly) cute Du Barry 5720.
Except I just finished the bra and it looks like a very pretty blue FULL COVERAGE GRANNY BRA.
I'm working on the matching tap pants which I hope to have more luck with.
I absolutely hated making yards of my own bias tape for the edging in the project which makes me want one of these BADLY...can you hear me Santa?
Simplicity Bias Tape Maker


  1. Sounds like you're doing everything the hard way. Learn about bias tape from quilters, who often have to produce miles of it. Check out how to make a continuous piece from a single piece of fabric and don't overlook the need for the bias tape maker which makes folding and ironing it a no-brainer!

  2. Thanks, Marie-Christine, I found the link really helpful!