Monday, November 29, 2010

Cute Stuff for Baby Kitty.

This will be little Vincent's first Christmas with us and since Christmas is my drug of choice, naturally even the kitty has to have a stocking of his own, and presents to play with on Christmas morning. So in a rare 45 minutes without shoulder pain (I'm trying like hell to convalesce, to not move so I can get better and back to work) I stumbled upon the easiest little sewing project I've found in ages.
I love these, as I love anything that involves instant gratification.
This great little pattern came from, naturally, because she's brilliant.

And I couln't help myself, I had to give it to Vincent straight away.
 Like I said, I'm all about the instant gratification.
First he looked at it like, "What is this? Just pet me already."
And then he realized he had gotten a present.
And he went crazy, and had a blast with his new mouse.
And he's a bad kitty and we love him for it.

So I made him another toy, this one loaded with catnip and then promptly stuffed in his stocking so that I would stop feeling guilty about my lack of patience when it comes to presents.
 This is fishy, and he's stuffed with catnip. He likes to have a good time. He's a good-time fish.


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