Wednesday, October 21, 2020

A Few Pretty Pages of McCall's Catalog March 1952

So there I was, scrolling along through eBay doing some pattern research, and there it was. A nice little 1952 McCall's Catalog for a somewhat fair price. I wasn't in the market for more catalogs as I have more than enough of them (I can't believe I just wrote that...) and I didn't have the extra money to spend at the time. 

But I clicked anyway to take a look and what I read in the description forced me to click "buy it now" without a second's hesitation.

"...the inside pages are in great shape and printed on fairly heavy paper. Each page is in color and suitable for framing. Framed, these would be terrific in an office, woman’s clinic, tea room, sewing room, women’s powder room, lobby of a mid-century building, etc, etc. The return on your investment could be tremendous if the book was disassembled and sold by the page. Could even be used as wallpaper. The possibilities are endless."

As I said, I didn't hesitate. The idea of someone else reading that description and deciding to take them up on any one of these heinous suggestions was just too much. I had to save her. So I sold a few patterns from my collection to recoup the cost and here we are, with my latest rescue.

I hope you enjoy taking a look.

I even had one of her patterns handy - this one is available here.

This is the earliest catalog I've found so far to feature photographs and not just illustrations.

Happy sewing!


  1. Girl, you did the right thing by rescuing that catalog from the unscrupulous seller on Ebay! I could not imagine taking that lovely book apart and using it for wallpaper(!) or framing the pages individually. That's sacrilegious! I think I was born a generation late, because I just adore the styles of the 50s. I so enjoyed looking at the pages you posted.

  2. I wonder who won that trip to Paris, as advertised?

  3. Wow, quite a throw-back to the outfits my Mom used to have in her closet. I wonder who won that trip to Paris?