Wednesday, January 22, 2020

How to Mend Large or Difficult Tears in Sewing Patterns

Below, we have a pattern that has had the stuffing kicked out of her. Every single piece of this poor baby has between 1 and 3 very large tears. I spent a whole afternoon fixing her up and thought I might share a few tricks for making repairs that last.

The much-abused lady in question.

  1. 1. Iron out the pattern piece, using medium-high heat and NO STEAM.
  1. 2. If the tear is large, it can help to weigh the pattern down with pattern weights, or in my case, giant nuts and washers from a hardware store.

3. Use acid-free mending tissue to seal the tear from one side. DO NOT USE TAPE. The other side may be sticky if the tear was gaping enough. If so, continue to step 4.

4. Flip the pattern piece over and place a length of scrap pattern tissue over the tear so that it, instead of the rest of the pattern can stick to the mending tissue. (save scraps of pattern tissue trimmings or tissue paper)

This works well if you're dealing with a more gaping hole.

5. Weigh the tissue down and secure in place with more mending tissue.

  1. Voila, she shall survive to tell the tale to her little pattern friends.

Happy sewing!


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