Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sew Expensive... McCall 8070 1930's Evening Gown

Hello Lovely readers! I am back from a very long, very relaxing visit with my husband's family in Virginia. There among what I can only call the family every girl dreams of being apart of, I was able to do a bit more healing. Things really did seam to get better... and then I came home and lo and behold, all of my pain was still here waiting for me when I got back. But I had just a little bit more strength, and a little bit more perspective to help me deal with it.
This sucks... but then, it's supposed to, isn't it?

On a lighter note, I found the loveliest pattern on Ebay and was instantly struck with the thought, "Mama would have swooned over this." I'm having more of these moments now, where I can think of her without picturing her painful passing, and those moments are like a life raft.

The pattern I was watching was McCall 8070 and imagine my delight when it sold for a high enough sum to be featured on Sew Expensive!

This original McCall 8070 just sold for an appropriately stunning $280.68! Swoon, indeed! (164£ or 206€, my darlings).

Don't you just love the combination of the dolman sleeve and low draped back? And check out those inverted pleats at the center front and back hem - what in interesting little detail to add!
It's amazing how something that shows so little skin could be so incredibly sexy.

How about you, my dear readers? Would you wear something like this for dinner and dancing?


  1. Not for dinner, as I'd surely spill something on it. Not for dancing, as I am among the clumsiest people in the world. It is a lovely thing, though. I'd like to sit across the table from someone wearing it.

  2. Ooh it's very pretty, but I'd probably draft the sleeves to be tighter, I don't like the idea of the flappy arm thing. I'm already wigged out by my sagging arm fat. 0.0

  3. That is beautiful. I don't normally like low backs but the drapiness of this is stunning. I'd definitely wear it for a dinner and dance.

  4. This is gorgeous. A femme fatale of a dress - seriously sexy! So rare to see a dress in black on the pattern envelope as well.

    My heart goes out to you, I was in pieces when my father passed away suddenly. You are very right though, the memories and thoughts that make you smile are like a life raft.

  5. Anna, I saw a movie on TCM with Norma Shearer wearing almost the same dress! IThat draped back!! ts stunning and I can see why it went for that price.
    Glad to hear you are having wonderful moments remembering your mum, I lost my Dad suddenly and know what you are going through. It does get easier, but the huge void will always remain, just not hurt as much. There isn't a day I don't say hey Dad would like that etc. Take Care and thanks for sharing that gorgeous pattern!

  6. I just posted this pattern to my Facebook page. What a beauty, but oh my goodness that price!