Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gatsby Style - A Compendium of 1920's Digital Patterns

With the movie remake the Great Gatsby about to hit theaters, the 1920's are making a bit of a comeback (again). The 1920's are a particular favorite of mine and if I wasn't so swamped with the details that always complicate an overseas move, I'd absolutely be participating in Miss Crayola Creepy's Gatsby Sewing Challenge.

For those of you who are participating, or for those of you who just love the comfortable 'swish' of a 1920's dress, or the easy simplicity of the seams and styles, here is a collection of digital patterns by Mrs. Depew Vintage two whole years in the making.

1920's falpper tunic dress.

1920's Tunic Blouse #3024

The straight line tunic is my favorite for both modern and vintage wear. It will go both ways nicely, it all depends on the accessories!

1920's flapper one piece lace dress.

1920's One Piece Lace Panel Dress #3022

1920's flapper straight line dress pattern.

1920's Straight Line Dress Pattern #3001

1920's flapper straight line dress pattern.

1920's Tiered One Piece Dress #3021

1920's flapper shirred one piece dress pattern.

 1925 Shirred One Piece Dress #3019

1920's flapper basque dress pattern.

1920's Basque Dress E-book # 3008

1920's flapper draped evening dress pattern.

1920's Draped Gown # 3010

1920's flapper draped dress pattern.

1928 Magic Frock # 3013

Well, that covers dresses, but what about lingerie to wear underneath those pretty, diaphanous frocks?
Don't worry, ma cherie, I have that covered too!
These are my favorite styles from the 1920's. Easy to sew is one thing, but these lingerie patterns are a sure-fire formula for a comfortable piece you won't ever want to take off.

1920's flapper slip and petticoat sewing pattern.

1920's Slip and Petticoat # 3017

1920's flapper slip and teddy sewing pattern.

1920's Lingerie Set # 3003

1920's flapper slip and teddy sewing pattern.

Step-in Teddies 1926 Pattern # 1030

And of course, the perfect 1920's accessory is the right hat. Be it loose fitting toque or fitted cloche, I have a couple of each:

1920's flapper hat cloche sewing pattern.

1920's Flexible Silk Hats Pattern # 3025

1920's flapper hat cloche sewing pattern.

1920's Flexible Hat Pattern #3020

1920's flapper hat cloche sewing pattern.

1920's Large Brim Hat # 3018

1920's flapper hat cloche sewing pattern.

1920's Flexible Beret # 3012

1920's flapper hat cloche sewing pattern.

1920's Draped Crown Hat # 3011

1920's flapper hat cloche sewing pattern.

1920's Cloche # 1020

Don't want to put together a complete 1920's replica outfit? I like to wear my favorite cloche with a tank top, jeans and ballet flats, or the perfect 1920's straight line dress with a bit shorter hem and stiletto heals for an evening look.

How about you?  What's your favorite flapper style piece?


  1. I was originally going to use a modern Vogue pattern (V8814) I purchased just for this challenge but then I saw your 1920s Tunic Blouse and I'm now making that! I was a little nervous with the folding and cutting method but the muslin came out nice so I am confident to cut the good fabrid now! That stinks that you won't be doing this challenge, I would have loved to see your interpretation!! I'm looking forward to the movie coming out this Friday!!!

  2. I so want to participate as I love all things 1920s but alas, it is NOT a style that is curvy lady friendly!

  3. Thank you so much for the round up of patterns! It's so helpful! And thanks for the shout out too ;)

  4. Lovely patterns! Much to consider!

  5. In the photos I've seen from the movie,the costumes have looked amazing, I'd love to wear all those pretty dresses. Good luck with the move!

  6. It's a treat seeing them all together like this. I knew you were creating a lot of patterns, but it is just really impressive when you see them all laid out in a catalog, with the lovely artwork and everything. Wow!

  7. book marking this post -- wonderful!

    amen fashion

  8. How brilliant! Love the 1920s...these pattern are such inspiration to create that perfect roaring I just need better sewing skills!
    May x