Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lingerie Competition...Let the Voting Begin!

Lovely readers! The much-anticipated day has arrived! Your entries have been an absolute pleasure to see and I can't wait to share them with you.
Once again, there will be one winner and prize for each category (bra, corset, and panties) and contestants are allowed to win more than one category.

All votes (yours, your friends'; anyone can vote once for each category!) must all be in comment form on this blog post so that Sarah and I can keep track of them.
 Let's get started, shall we? And dare I say it, (I'm afraid I must) "May the odds be ever in your favor!"

Here are the very talented contestants according to their categories. They will have little introduction. Normally I would gush but I'm supposed to be impartial (rules, boo!). To see more pictures of their entry, just click on the username under the picture. You can just vote for them by their numbers if you like!
(Please note, the numbering is random, and just there for voting convenience.)

The pattern we used...

#1 Bra by TroubleandStrumpet

#2 Bra/ Bathing suit top by Farmhouse Garde

#3 Bra by MissFloFlo
#4 Bra by Annei-Priscina

#5 Bra by Yvette

#6 Bra by Farmhouse Garde
#7 Bra by TogglesT
#8 Bra by PurplePinCushion

The pattern we used...

#9 Corset by TroubleandStrumpet

#10  Corset by MissFloFlo

#11 Corset by Charmel

#12 Corset By Charmel

#13 Corset by Yvette

#14 Corset by KLCreations

#15  Corset by KLCreations

#16 Corset by AnnabelleBumps

#17 Corset by Miss Charlie

The pattern we used...

#18 Betty Hipster Panties by Farmhouse Garde

#19  Betty Panties by Farmhouse Garde

#20 Betty Panties by Farmhouse Garde

#21 Betty Panties by Annei-Priscina

#22 Betty Panties by IndoorKitty

#23 Betty Panties by Yvette

Whew! And that's it! If I missed your entry, please let me know and I'll add it in. Everyone can vote once for each 3 categories. Invite your friends and family to vote for you, share on Facebook, Twitter and your blog, and good luck!
Voting will end on February 25th and we'll announce the winners on February 26th!


  1. Bra 5
    Corset 12
    Panti 21
    But all of it is gorgeous! :)

  2. 1. Trouble & Strumpet (bra 1)
    2. Trouble & Strumpet (corset 1)
    3. Farmhouse Garde (panties 1)

    Not a theme! Those are just the prettiest : )

  3. Bra: 1
    Corset: 9
    Panties: 18

    Good job all!

  4. Every single one of those undergarments is absolutely georgeous! But these are my favorites:

    Bra: #1
    Corset: #12
    Panties: #1

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  6. Wow! It's hard to choose. There is a lot of talent out there.
    Bra 1
    Corset 11
    Panties 23
    I can see why you are making us choose rather than doing it yourself. There are so many good ones!

  7. Lovely work!

    Bra: 1
    Corset: 11
    Underwear: 22

  8. Bra: 1
    Corset: 12
    Panties: 1

    Everything is soooo pretty though <3

  9. Bra 1
    Corset 12

    I would take these anytime! :-)

  10. Bra 1
    Corset 12

    I would take these anytime! :-)

  11. Bra: #1
    Corset: #12
    Panties: #18

  12. I'm going with 1, 12, and 18.

    They all look beautiful.

  13. Bra:1
    Corset 12
    Panties: 22
    It was a hard, all of them are beautiful!

  14. #1 bra
    #10 corset....

    all beautiful entries.....

  15. Bra #1
    Corset #12
    Panty #22
    tough choices, they were all very beautiful.

  16. What inspiration here! I love so many of these and found it really hard to pick a favorite:

    Bra #1
    Corset #11
    Panties #23

  17. Bra - #1
    Corset -#1
    Pantied - # 22

  18. Bra - #1
    Corset -#9
    Panties - # 22

  19. Bra 1
    Corset 9
    Panties 18
    So pretty!!!

  20. Panties #18 have my vote hands down I want them ,)

  21. all entrants are so talented!
    Bra - #2
    Corset - #12
    Panties - #18

  22. I vote for
    Bra #3
    Corset #2
    And (shamelessly) Panties #18
    Thanks for hosting a fun and inspirational competition!

  23. Not easy to choose! Great to see all the variations.
    1, 12 & 21

  24. Oh wow, what a fantastic array of lingerie! Well done to everyone, they all look great.
    My favourites though are 1, 11, 18.

  25. They're all so very nice and it's difficult to choose! Good luck to all the participants :D

    Bra #1 (completely blown away that this is her first bra!)

    Corset #12

    Panties #18

  26. Bra #1
    Corset #11
    Panties #20

  27. I would like to vote for #2, #10, #18. What fun!

  28. I think #18 is the best but I also like #2 and #10 :)


  29. Bra #1
    Corset #12 - I would totally buy this from her!!
    Pants #22

  30. Bra #1
    Corset #11
    Panty #20
    Nice job to everyone, all are very nice.

  31. OK:

    #7 Bra
    #12 Corset
    #22 Panties

    Well done everyone!

  32. #1

    They are beautiful! I almost made it to the competition, but got too perfectionist with my bathing suit. Hopefully I'll finish it anyway and post about it.

    Good luck to all!
    Trouble & Strumpet - Shapo! (please open a blog and teach us all)

  33. I'm voting for

    Bra: #1
    Underwear: #23

    Great submissions by everyone though!