Sunday, May 6, 2012

Panties, Panties, Panties!

I have been waiting ages for some lovely stretchy satin to arrive in the mail and finally, right before the weekend, it arrived! It was followed a day later by my elastic (not in the color I thought, but ok) and I was FINALLY able to sew the Betty High Waist Panties I've been so looking forward to.

Image courtesy of Ohhh Lulu...

And then I proceeded to FAIL at said panties twice. Yup, twice.

Allow me to expound. The pattern is perfect. Flawless. I'm an idiot.
Way back in my muslin sewing stage of the pattern, the panties fit perfectly and I though no more of muslins and testing. Well, that was stupid. When the fabric finally arrived I failed to notice that the "stretch satin" that I ordered had almost no stretch to it whatsoever compared to the jersey that I had sewn my muslin with. How did I miss this? I blame the Chardonnay. I got everything but the elastic sewn in before I tried them on and realized that they wouldn't fit over my hips. FAIL.
So I tossed them and started over.

The second time I made them I got everything right up until the FOE, (fold over elastic.)  I had never sewn FOE before but I read Sarah's instructions, everything made sense, and I proceeded to sew the elastic on completely WRONG. So I threw those away too.
Has this every happened to you? Have you completely messed up the simplest thing in the world for no foreseeable reason?

At this point, I was pretty nonplussed. I got online and looked up the side effects of the higher dose steroids the doc has me on to fix some crazy painful nerve damage and sure enough, "Trouble focusing, nervousness, dizziness and complete stupidity" were right there on the side effect list. We're going to just blame the roids, o.k.?

Today after a double latte, a couple of hugs, and some Franck Sinatra, I gave it another try and was able to sew a proper pair of Betty High Waist Panties! Hurrah! The growing pile of misbegotten panties in my trash was really starting to worry me!

I love how they came out and now I can't wait to give Sarah's Signature Ruffle Bloomer pattern a go. But I'm going to have to wait because last night I found out I'll be flying to the U.S. in week and I have a lot to do to get ready!

In the meantime, have any of you finished your bra and corset from the Ooh La La Pin-Up Sew-Along? How about the Betty High Waist Panties? I've seen a little from a few of you but I'm getting ready to do a round up post so you can all show off your work! More on that soon...


  1. Congrats, these panties are great, and it was well worth the time and effort to start over again. Stupid sewing mistakes happen to me a lot, too. Once I sewed the sleeves of a dress with the wrong side and seam allowances outside, which I noticed when I wanted to set them in. After I had hemmed them by hand...

  2. These do look super sexy! Great job not giving up. You know my "fail" dress that I recently posted, well someone had made the same dress and posted it on Burdastyle with the title "My First Sewing Project". So it made me feel a little crummy that a complete novice made a flawless version of the dress I consider to be a fail. Take heart, you are not alone :)

  3. Beautiful! I had a similar experience when making a bikini last year :-) your panties have turned out lovely! I want to make some but have no idea where I could buy the fabric and notions online. Do you have any recommendation? Sam xox

  4. They are lovely. I keep seeing that pattern popping up everywhere and really must make myself some!! I make silly sewing mistakes ALL the time. I rarely make anything without sewing some part of it on the wrong way. In fact I just did the exact same thing as Marie only a few days ago.

  5. These are so beautiful! I just got her bloomer pattern a few days ago, but haven't gotten started yet. Considering the looks my hubby gave me when I finished and wore your Pauline tap panties pattern (which was not a "oh, that's sexy" look, but a "are you seriously going to wear those???" look), I think waiting about 3 decades to give these high-waisted ones a try is in order. :)

  6. These turned out SO nicely, I absolutely love them!

  7. Oohh, these look yummy! Very nice job you did on these. Lovely shade, they're just...lovely! And dare I say it, they look really comfortable too. ;o) I am so inspired!

  8. Hey I cant seem to find this pattern on line anywhere, would u happen to have an extra copy I could possibly purchase from you. Also do u think this pattern is too difficult for a beginner to sewing?

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