Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ohh La la Pin-Up Sew-Along... Sewing on your bra straps and the finished product!

We have arrived at the end of the bra! Hurray! Today I'll show you how I sewed on my bra straps, and then the finished bra!

The pattern we're using...

Sarah did a really great post on how to sew adjustable bra straps and posted photos of her gorgeous finished long line bra (which I'll include here at the end as well).

Image courtesy of Ohhh Lulu...
I haven't tried sewing bra straps like these yet, they're beautiful, aren't they? I'm excited to sew them for my next bra now (there's always a next bra, it's me we're talking about, after all.)

For my straps I'm using the simple old fashioned technique that I learned from Pretty Pretties ( I learned a LOT from this little gem of a booklet!)

I'm using super soft plush lingerie elastic for my strap. Start by pinning your strap where you want it on the inside, raw edge towards the top of the bra. You can machine stitch it on if you like, but the stitches will show through on the outside of the bra. This way keeps your work nice and hidden.

Pay no attention to my crooked bias tape stitching, these I did by machine... another reason to hand stitch.

Stitch the strap in place using slip stitches, (that is, just grab a bit of your binding or lining material as the case may be, without piercing your needle all the way through to the outside). I'm using a bright coral thread so you can see what I'm doing. Normally I would do this with a matching thread to hide it better.

 Secure your thread at the end of your stitches but don't cut it. Now flip the strap up, pin in place, and stitch again.

Then knot your thread and you're done. If you like, you can also tack down your end if you don't like the elastic fold to hang loose. I made a sort of slip-stitched X to tack my end down.

Now you can see that on the right side of the bra your strap is invisibly secured!

Yay! Now we're done with the bra! Do you want to see way too many photos of mine?

And of course, Sarah's long line version. Isn't it lovely!
Image courtesy of Ohhh Lulu...
Image courtesy of Ohhh Lulu...
But wait, I don't think we're done yet! What if we were to sew a pair of vintage style high-waisted panties to go with our bra and corset, would you be interested?

Image courtesy of Ohhh Lulu...

Sarah has been working on a pattern of her own... and there will be more on that soon.

How about you? Where are you at in the sew-along right now? And will you please, please, pretty please send me pictures? I'm dying to know how all 110 of you are doing!


  1. I would be interested in making panties. Love how your bra and corselet turned out! Also love Sarah's! I hope to make my own bras this month, with a different pattern.

  2. I'm getting a bit behind with mine while I work on a corset for an event later this month, though I might just go and work on it now for a while. I'm overlaying the upper cups with a fancy-edged lace, so handstitching the shaped edges of the lace a 1/4" in from the seam line. I've got one cup done and put together; after the second one's done it should go together pretty quickly. I'm making the longline version.

  3. Oh my word, this is just lovely! I admit that I got pretty behind with this half of the sew along (mmm, the muslin stage). But I am not abandoning this project, I will pick it soon. And I love the idea of adding a pair of panties to the set! You and Sarah have both done a fabulous job - and I am so glad to have participated. (Now if I can just cross the finish line with the two of you and the other 109).

  4. I looooove it!!!!!!! First, I have to find time for the corselet and the bra... Second, I would do the panties too ;)

  5. It looks awesome, Anna! I love your set :)

  6. Wow! Your bra looks so pretty. I'm totally in love with the high waisted panty :)

  7. I just finished the bra if you want to have a look :)

  8. looks good! i can't wait to start sewing again.

    xoxo -sophia from www.thatpinup.com