Friday, August 12, 2011

Pretty, Pretty pictures...

My latest addition to my vintage WOW collection is a 1950's Spadea patterns catalog. We're talking 54 pages of AMAZING fashion drawings and sketches of the most gorgeous clothing ever.
 Spadea 705-D by designer Ceil Chapman, and Spadea 1096-D by Anne Fogarty.

Spadea 1194 and Spadea 1137 by Ceil Chapman.

Spadea 1159 by designer Jo Copeland.

 Spadea 1126 by designer Mollie Parnis.

And Spadea 1170 by designer Varden Petite.
And about 50 others. I made it into a pdf booklet since I couldn't post them all here. Yummy, right?


  1. AMAZING!!! I wish I had all those patterns in my size!!!

  2. Oh, for an hour to sit and fawn over all the pretties! What a great find. You are so lucky.

  3. Mmmmm delicious... Thank you for posting! x