Thursday, July 14, 2011

Best feeling EVER...

Yesterday the lovely and talented Casey of Casey's Elegant Musings posted about my beach bra pattern!

She created her own clever twist on the pattern that has me itching to make another one and try her idea.

Photo by Casey

Instead of making the back panel button up, she drafted her own back panel and ruched it to make it a more comfortable, slip on version.
You can see all of her lovely photos and clever design work at her blog.

Seeing Casey's version has lit a fire under me to finally create a post featuring everyone's pictures of their own beach bra pattern. I know so many of you have gotten the pattern from my etsy shop and made your own version.
I would love to see your photos, and with your permission, post them on the blog. I love the idea of seeing 30 or so different versions of the same patterns, it's a great way to see other people's style through their fabric choice, accessorizing, and alterations.
So if you've made the pattern, or you would like to, send your photos to me at
(you can crop your head out, or send them anonymously if you're shy.)

And don't forget to enter the giveaway for the free hat and purse pattern. I draw the winner on Monday!


  1. Anna - the moment I saw Casey wearing the top in her thrifting video I thought "that looks just like the pattern in Anna's shop." Then when she showed all of the photos, I knew it was yours without even needing to see the link. Yay for creating a wonderful pattern that others can enjoy! I still need to buy mine . . .

  2. ooh I am going to buy your pattern right now!! Its a beauty!!