Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Free Pattern

I have stumbled across a lovely blog called Neu4baur.
I find it be quite full of brilliant sewing and fashion whatnot, and highly recommend you check it out.
Neu4baur is also offering a pdf for free of the awesome pattern below.

The pattern is part of a new and brilliant project that involves digitizing patterns for the modern age. I can't wait to see more. This particular pattern is from the rare and reclusive German vintage pattern magazines. They are hard to find, and even harder to approach as a seamstress, and I'm excited to see how her approach works with such a challenge.
If you decide to sew this pattern, drop me a line, I'd love to know how it works for you!


  1. Simply lovely. I'll add it to my "to do" list. (Meaning it will be a while before you get to see it).

  2. Wow, I will definitely try to make this one. Looking at the pdf, I guess just getting to the pattern cutting part is gonna be anything but a walk in the park. But hey, I love a challenge. I have a light turquoise fabric with small white dots, if I have enough of it, it might be perfect for this darling! :D Thank you for the great link/tip/idea!

  3. Wonderful... If I only could sew...