Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mary Jane Pattern Review

Well another very long week is over and I'm back in the sewing room! Oh glorious sewing room how I missed you. So with Vincent in my lap, batting at my threads, I finished my Mary Jane slippers that I've been working on using I Think Sew's Pattern.

The final review? This is a great pattern and I would buy it all over again.
Here's what I liked: the instructions were really simple and they came with tons of images to guide you through construction. The finished project looks really great and the fit is quite accurate as well. I was first concerned that the toe was going to be too wide when looking at the pattern but it came out just fine.

I chose not to use the flower included in the pattern because it required me to cut out 36 of the same small flower pattern. I used bows instead and it looked great. I will definitely be making these again.

Another great thing about this pattern is, when you purchase it online you get 5 additional free patterns to download for small easy projects. Can you say hand-made Christmas gifts?
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The next I Think Sew pattern I'll be buying will be for the Retro Bag. But for now, I have some vintage patterns that I've been dying to get my hands on.


  1. Anna, I LOVE your blog. So inspiring, makes me want to make something. Can you tell us more about those slippers? Is there anything in there to cushion the tootsies? Ruth

  2. Hi Ruth, thanks so much for your comment! This was the first time that I used the pattern and I wanted to use something to add cushion but decided to do that to the next pair and just test these out. There is only a bit of thick interfacing and two layers of fabric, but after wearing them around the house all day, they're pretty comfy. Next time I make them, I will be adding a nice thick insulation (Norway is cold!) instead of interfacing.

  3. The slippers are so amazing! I've been wanting to sew something IthinkIsew, but never got around, but now! I'm inspired!