Saturday, October 2, 2010

Some book love...

So in an effort to have a more organized sewing room, I'm attempting to create a swatch catalog of my massive fabric collection. Stitch Magazine has thoughtfully provided a free pdf download to a lovely little printout that has everything you need to create your own stash catalog!

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Now I'm not sure about the rules of sharing a pdf that belongs to another web site and I had to create a free account with them to get access to the download so I'm going to leave that up to you guys. However, I signed up for their newsletter and, though most of it seems to be about quilting (not really my thing) there are some great sewing tips and other things that I've gotten out of it.

This week's newsletter turned me on to something that I had to immediately pre-order to add to my collection:
This looks like an amazing technique book and I've already pre-ordered my copy. You can read a great description about it here. Though the price listed with the description is reasonable, I found the book for quite a bit less at
That got me wondering, what are some of your favorite sewing books? What is your go-to book for looking up a sewing term or finding out how to do something called for in a pattern?
My all time favorite is The Vogue Sewing Book edited by Patricia Perry, the 1970 first edition. I love this thing! It has every technique I've ever needed, trim and fabric guides, and some amazing pictures.

I picked up my copy when I was rummaging through the free books in the library basement of my college, SIUE. Tucked in between the pages were some pamphlets printed by a local sewing shop with titles like, "Sewing with Velvet" and "Sewing with Plaid Fabrics" that I have found indispensable!
There are a few copies on for sale for under $20 and I highly recommend snagging one for yourself.


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